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QuantumPion April 1, 2010 11:51 AM

first water cooling set up plan
Hi, I finally decided after building my own pc's for 12 years to go to water cooling. I've always wanted to do it but never could justify the cost before. Anyway, here is my plan, please advise if I am on the right track!

Case: Cosmos-S. This seemed like the best case for mounting an internal 120.3 radiator, looks nice and not too expensive.
Pump: MCP-655
CPU block: Swiftech XT
Radiator: Swiftech MCR320-QP
Tubing: Tygon 3603 1/2" x 3/4" (I figure 15 ft should be a good amount to buy)
Fans: Gentle Typhoons (haven't decided on what RPM to get, either the 1100 one or the 1800 ones + fan controller)
Reservoir: I think I will go with the Swiftech mini-res since it looks like it is flexible in placement. I might go with one of those bay reservoirs instead though, like the EK spin bay.
Fittings: I wanted to go with all compression fittings, but it seems like they are sold out everywhere (and maybe a little too pricey for my first build anyway). So I will go with the default fittings that come with the cpu block and reservoir, and find a couple regular barb fittings for the radiator. I'd like to use the metal spring-type clamps but I can't find them for sale anywhere, so I may just go with worm drive clamps to secure everything.

For now I will only have my CPU cooled, but when I upgrade video cards I'm planning on getting one with a factory waterblock (e.g. a 5870). For the components set up, I will have the radiator's inlet and outlet at the front side of the case, going to the cpu, than down to the reservoir, then over to the pump sitting on the bottom of the case behind the power supply, then back straight up to the radiator.

I will see if I can place the reservoir just sitting on top of the power supply, unless there is a better way or place to mount it.

I also wanted to add a drain line somehow but have not decided on how to do it. One idea I had was to add a T-fitting in between the reservoir and pump, and add a M/M connector, koolance ball valve fitting, and barb fitting to the T. That way when I want to drain (or fill), I can just stick on a tube to the barb and open the valve.

So how does my plan sound?

tom.tdn April 1, 2010 12:08 PM

Get the 1850 RPM GT's, and a fan controller. :D

You should get what you want, I had regular barbs, after a while they got to me and I ended up getting compression fittings, don't make my mistake and paying extra for your fittings, just get what you want upfront so you don't regret it later. I got my compression fittings from jab-tech since I had the same problem. Its a US store though 15 bucks for shipping isn't that bad IMO.

ottoyu34 April 1, 2010 07:26 PM

Depends on your taste. ATCS 840, HAF and Cosmos S would be great choices.
But HAF and ATCS is possible to hold a dual and a triple if you are going extreme later on.

Other stuff looks fine

QuantumPion April 8, 2010 05:59 AM

All my stuff is on the way, hopefully I'll get it all for this weekend. I could not find bitspower compressions in stock anywhere world wide so I ended up buying Feser compressions from Dazmode, whom seemed to have the only stock anywhere. I also got the last radiator in stock from sidewinder, seems like everything is out of stock for some reason.

I have an additional question - do I need to order some special screws to mount the radiator to the case, or does the radiator come with them?

miggs78 April 9, 2010 09:11 AM

First of all what is in your rig, what exactly are you cooling.

Cosmos S is a good case for sure no doubt.

CPU Block: The Swiftech XT maybe good, but with most blocks with internals partly damaged or not up to standards, right out of the box, makes me not suggest that block, I'd get an EK Supreme or Supreme LT block.

Pump: MCP 655, great pump, get the variable version.
Reservoir: The Swiftech Micro Res is a cheap reliable res, does the job perfectly. Don't go with a bay res, instead if you want one from EK, get their Tube reservoirs, best alternative to the Swiftech one..

Radiator: I've used Swiftech all these years, although now I think it's time to step up, that's when it comes to cooling an i7 processor. I'll suggest you go with a Feser triple rad, comes with a little cost, but the thickness is perfect to keep things real cool.

Tubing: Don't waste money on Tygon, if you're located in Canada, only place to get Tygon is from the U.S. My first and favorite choice is Primochill tubing, probably costs less than Tygon, and is very very good. Second choice will be Feser tubing, a good alternative.

Fittings: Compression tubings are getting a lot more affordable and used now, lots of us still just get the regular barbs. I was going to lastly suggest dazmode.com, you'll get anything and everything you want to water cool at descent prices, they should have stock on compression fittings, I haven't checked, you could.

Fans: I'm not as good on those, lots of people now are getting Gentle Typhoons, they seem to be good. I'll stick to my good old reliable choices, Yate Loons make very good fans, I think the best fans I've seen for radiator use is Scythe S-Flex fans, very good static pressure, and you can get them at 3 different speeds.

Actually reading your thread again, if you still have a Thermochill 120.3, use it, it's still better than swiftechs, once you clean out the dirt and flux inside, it's one of the best rads.

I would suggest HAF, but the Cosmos S is what I wanted too, it's still a very good case. Also look at the http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...re-thread.html thread, look for builds on Cosmos S cases to get some idea, look for Kruzn (forgot his full name lol) and Sugar J (had a very good clean looking Cosmos S build, I still admire it)..

matsta31 April 9, 2010 09:31 AM

Nice suggestions Migss, but he bought everything already.....

for the screw, you bought the swiftech rad ? If so, no screw are coming with it.

Go to your local hardware store and look for 6/32 mechanical screws, they will do the job. Bring a fan and the rad with you, I dont remember what lenght you need, you will have to measure yourself. I seem to remember 2 1/4 ' but I am not sure enough, maybe somoene else can help ?

miggs78 April 9, 2010 11:52 AM

Aah thanks Matsta.. I gotta start reading carefully again..

6/32 machine screws, should be 1 1/4" long. 2 is too long lol. I know the size for the small ones too, just somewhere in the back of the head, can't seem to recall. I think they are 1/4" too, can't be too sure. But pretty positive on 1 1/4".

edit: Reading your post again.. :doh: lol.. The rad should come with screws in a pack, 12 long screws and few short ones.

KaptCrunch April 9, 2010 06:57 PM

QuantumPion Note on when installing rad CHECK THE SCREW LENGHT so not to puncher any rad tubs.

koolance if a magnet sticks to valve......toss it

other then that just pre-test for leaks (with out powering MB just pump)

oh what are using for your fluid! distilled water ?

QuantumPion April 11, 2010 04:43 PM

Yes I am using distilled water + ptnuke + feser uv dye.

I cleaned out my radiator before installing it with hot water but the water came out clear on the first rinse, it just smelled a little funny. It wasn't at all dirty as far as I could tell. The radiator indeed did come with 12 fan screws and 4 mounting screws conveniently enough.

This case turned out to be a total pain in the ass. I could not do any cable management whatsoever because either the cables wouldn't reach or the door wouldn't close. Also I think I need to get a pci-express X-fi, my old pci one hardly fits any more.

I wasn't able to use my planned t-fitting and cute ball valve for a drain line. There wasn't enough room. So I wasted about $50 on parts for that but oh well.

Leak testing was successful last night, no leakage on the first try. It was super fun filling and bleeding my loop for this first time.

Everything seems to be running smoothly at this point. I'm surprised at how quiet the pump is, even at max setting. I should have just gotten the non-variable speed version and saved some dough. The gentle typhoon fans at 1100 RPM's are fairly quiet, but the noise they make is kind of high pitched and annoying. I may replace them in the future.

I currently have the rear case fan blowing air into the case for the radiator. I think I need a dust cover for it or something so I don't get too much dust in the case but I don't know where to get one. Also, on minor issue is that I don't know how to connect the pump to the motherboard so it complains every time I boot about there being no cpu fan attached. Maybe I'm missing a cable or something?

Sorry for the low quality pictures, turned out my camera was dead so I had to use my phone :p



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