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Mavvens February 27, 2010 11:24 AM

Let's talk about rad! Looking for a 100$ upgrade
Hi there.

I have switched from a phenom II x3 be to a phenom II 965 be. (Thermonuclear TWP)

As you could guess, I got a quite huge bump in my overall temps. (+8 deg idle +12 on charge at the same fan speed)

I got a swiftech triple rad and I wanted to know if I will see a big difference with a much more ticker rad.

On the tripple rad I have 3 scythe ultra kaze 138 cfm fan.

Seeing that kind of difference I suspect the rad have to dissipate much more heat.

On idle I am at 31 on the cpu and 33 for the motherboard, on charge it's 41 for the cpu and 45 for the motherboard.

What would to suggest to lower those temp?

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