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Fudd Rucker December 4, 2009 03:55 PM

Radiator / Pump location
Hello all, trying to get a dual 120mm radiator mounted internally in my lancool k6-2 .My question is this, will there be any pressure problems if my radiator is lower in elevation to my pump. Pics here are what I would like to setup. The pump isnt in yet as Im waiting for my video cards to come in. I do plan on placing the pump on top of the powersupply as it mounts great on top with the metal strap that holds down the power supply. Also should i cut some air intake holes in the bottom of the case or should it be fine as air is being pulled off the radiator?



SugarJ December 4, 2009 04:08 PM

That pump location is fine. Just make sure your reservoir outlet is higher than your pump intake. Basically, once the loop is filled it's a closed system and it doesn't matter where things are.

And are there no holes at the bottom of the case? Your rad requires airflow over the fins to dissipate heat. That means air on both sides.

Fudd Rucker December 4, 2009 04:17 PM

Ya no holes in the bottom of the case (yet lol). I knew enough that the resevoir had to be higher then the inlet on the pump.Is it is possible to run just passive radiator? The name of the game here was as silent of operation as possible and the loons are pretty quiet so I figured I could get away with not making my case worthless lol and the heat being pulled from the radiator would suffice. Another option would be to elevate the radiator a couple of inches so there is some room under it and pull air from the front?

SugarJ December 4, 2009 04:32 PM

I'd mount the rad up top, you've got fans there anyways.

Fudd Rucker December 4, 2009 04:40 PM

Does it matter if i mounted it on top without fans directly attached to it? Because the original mounting plan was to strap the radiator to the top and use the stock 140mm fans in the case to dissapate air while pulling the case air out and eliminate the 120mm fans entirely. Or does static pressure of the fans being attached directly to the radiator make the difference.

SugarJ December 4, 2009 04:44 PM

Yes it will make a difference, but it's worthwhile testing it out. I'd actually do it with the fans on, then disconnect them and watch your temps. I think you might be pushing it trying to cool a quad core passively on a dual rad.

Fudd Rucker December 4, 2009 04:55 PM

That was the big problem I had with a top mounted rad setup in this case. There is just enough room to fit the radiator internally between the motherboard and the top of the case (i had to cut the locking clips off of my ESPV 12v connector to get a radiator in there) and there arent mounting holes for 120mm fans and just 140mm fan setups.

2nd problem I had is that this case has a shroud over the top of the case that covers the 140mm fans and it obstructs airflow as well. For a case thats geared for watercooling it has very poor options in my opinion for just that.

Dazmode December 4, 2009 06:14 PM

I have triple rad mounted originally on the top, but later at the bottom - no difference in loop temps whatsoever.

edit: I'd would ass 2 more fans. MCR220 is a bit weak.

Fudd Rucker December 4, 2009 06:57 PM

Can you enlighten me to what makes a weak radiator? As far as I knew radiators are all the same pretty much with the only differences being size and metal type ie:aluminum or copper. Because if this is a crap radiator ill go and get myself a single 140mm rad instead of fighting with this stupid dual 120mm rad lol.

Dazmode December 4, 2009 08:10 PM

It is thin type (half of BlackIce or Feser thickness), so less surface for heat exchange. I tried MCR220 with my HAF i7 build (CPU loop only), but get rid of it very quickly as it can't keep up for me.

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