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Goalieman077 November 29, 2009 09:42 AM

Which order should I do loop?
I'm looking to finally wc my i7 and have decided to use 2 mcr 320s so I can add video cards later anywy how should I do my loop? Pump, rad, rad, CPU, res, pump or pump, rad, CPU, rad, res, pump. I will have my wcing setup the same as kruzn's just without the 295s

MarkOne November 29, 2009 09:51 AM

why not use 2 loops , since you have 2 rads ?

Goalieman077 November 29, 2009 09:54 AM

Well I'm not wcing gpus yet since I haven't found a place that sells gx2 full covers in Canada so I'm just doing CPU for now

MarkOne November 29, 2009 09:56 AM

You just prepare the second loop for when you have the block, or just not use the second rad yet. I see no use for 2 * 320 for only a CPU .

brewer265@ November 29, 2009 10:05 AM

The only thing that matters in a loop is res > pump. Make your loop as simple and short as possible.

3.0charlie November 29, 2009 10:09 AM

It was shown again and again that loop order has little to no influence on the cooling performance - only rule to follow is to have the reservoir higher than the pump.

As for a block: EK-FC9800 GX2 SLI - Full Cover For Nvidia GeForce - VGA Blocks - Blocks

And since Daz is ordering, this is the time more than ever. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...mas-order.html

Dazmode November 29, 2009 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by brewer265@ (Post 294021)
The only thing that matters in a loop is res > pump. Make your loop as simple and short as possible.

+1 Don't worry about order as long as reservoir located above the pump and feeds it. Optimal vs. not optimal order is about half of degree and can be discounted towards easier and better looking tubing runs.

Also, single TFC360 performace rad will take on CPU and future GPUs easily.

Goalieman077 November 29, 2009 10:44 AM

I can't see a tfc taking on a i7 at min 4.2 Plus a bunch of gpus. The TFC is ment for slow fans anyway, as for Charlie and the block, I'm not looking at spending more for a block than I did on your gx2. I can get for 150 in the states so was wondering if any Canadian places had em. I will wait for now then as I was gonna buy a secod mcr 320 and use it with my i7 till I get a block.

Dazmode November 29, 2009 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by Goalieman077 (Post 294056)
The TFC is ment for slow fans anyway

Exactly opposite.

Goalieman077 November 29, 2009 11:29 AM

Uhm tfc has 8fpi how is that ment for fast fans? Something like the black ice gtx with like 25fpi is ment for fast fans.

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