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llama_egg November 28, 2009 01:19 PM

Re-doing loop, suggestions?
So, after having to take my loop apart quite some while ago I couldn't be bothered to set it back up, and now that I'm finally biting the bullet and grabbing a Corsair Obsidian 800D (God is that one sexy case) I intend to slowly (partly) rebuild my water cooling loop.

I'm still going to keep my MCR320 Rad, D-Tek Fuzion CPU block (though temptation to grab Heatkiller 3.0 is very high) possibly my MCP655 pump and unless I have extra cash to burn, the waterblock that defaults on the Gigabyte EX58-EXTREME. Everything else will be shiny and new!

For a reservoir I'm going to grab a Frozen.Q T-Virus, sadly I have a feeling that this is going to be a while before I get, so it does give me time to set money aside for parts. It's a damn sexy reservoir and hopefully he ships it through USPS and I won't get dinged extra charges at the door. Sadly I can't ask because they still haven't approved my forum account so I can't post yet.

Tubing is a toss-up. I say this because it depends if I change cooler on my mobo, as if I keep it I'm stuck with 3/8in tubing which seems like a bit odd sizing of tube compared to 1/2 which was what I was going originally going for. As for color wise, I'm going with black/clear, alternating, I'm guessing either Primochill or Feser. I'm thinking liquid wise I'll be using distilled water with an additives to prevent evil things from growing (any idea what to use?), also I'm thinking about using red food coloring to get a nice deep red as I heard it won't damage anything. This will get the loop to alternate from black/dark red.

I want to go with Bitpower compression fittings, which looks to be no problem, but what does look to cause some trouble is finding 45 degree fittings that will fit 3/8in. I can't even seem to be able to stumble across any even in the States, so this has been bugging me to no end.

A GPU block will wait till whenever I buy a new card, I just don't see a point on using on my 4890.

The last problem is the pump. I would like to continue using my old one but I believe it's too tall to fit in the bottom of the case. This means I might have to buy a smaller form-factor pump and honestly, I have no idea what to look at.

Last but not least is a T-fitting which will be near the bottom of the case, mostly to make an easy drain port.

Any helpful suggestions where to look/what to use? I'll give you a cookie, well, I would mail you one but I think that might be frowned upon.

Edit; As I mentioned I'm mighty tempted to buy a Heatkiller 3.0 CPU block, but they seem hard as hell too find (not to mention pricey), is it really worth the premium and anyone knows a place that actually has them in stock?

aviduser November 28, 2009 06:19 PM

For sourcing parts i'd either look at ncix.com, or dazmode.com.

As far as a pump I think the mcp355 is what your looking for NCIX.com - Buy Swiftech MCP355 High Performance 12V Industrial Water Cooling Pump 3/8IN Barbs - MCP355 In Canada. . They don't get much smaller then that.

I personally recommend distilled with a kill-coil, best way to prevent your loop from growing anything funky. I wouldn't recommend food coloring as I believe they use sugars and other crap that probably won't do your loop any good.

Can't help you with the heatkiller, I think they're a little overrated (but I havent used one). From what I can tell you may save 3-5 degrees at most from a comparable block.

EDIT: That is one sexy res, If only I had a little more room in my case. Should be a thing of beauty inside that obsidian.

Dazmode November 28, 2009 10:52 PM

Most things you mentioned are readily available (such things as HK3.0 or 45 degree fittings) both in Canada or US....not sure what the problem here... just google it.

You can use silver coils to purify water or add pre-mixed additives like Hydrx, Feser Base of Protector.

Also of you use Black and Clear tube + red dye, why not just use red and black tubing? If you after UV glow, then UV red dye will add deeper color to tube glow...

llama_egg November 29, 2009 12:18 AM

I have been searching for such things, the problem was finding them in the size required, NCIX doesn't have any, Performance-PC doesn't, Petra's Tech Shop doesn't, only just found out about your site but you also don't, after a bit of hunting I've finally found a site that has them, that being FrozenCPU.

Now, maybe I worded my first post incorrectly, but part of this is asking for opinions and idea's not just where to find things. I've been out of the loop (no pun intended) for quite some while, and I honestly want people with more knowledge then I to throw out idea's and what not. Is idea A better then idea B or would you recommend C and so on.

Anywho, I thought about using red tubing but I don't intend to actually use UV's, after playing with them in my last build I find them to be, for the most part, against my tastes. Mind you I've seen some damn good builds using UV, but for the most part I don't like them. Dunno, maybe it's just because I find the purple glow that they give off unsatisfying and instead of adding to the build it removes from it.


I wouldn't recommend food coloring as I believe they use sugars and other crap that probably won't do your loop any good.
I was afraid of that, I've heard many different opinions on this though so I'm really unsure what to follow. Some people say as long as you flush your loop every 6 months you have no problem, others are completely against it. It's a shame though, it can give off really good colors.

Might actually just go with clear water instead of colored, depending on how dark of a red I can find. They both can look extremely nice in the right environment.

Dazmode November 29, 2009 08:26 AM

I just curios, as I have both 45 degree compression fittings and Heatkillers, why can't you find them...? Is store layout confusing? Any suggestions for improvement?

On a subject, Feser red tube is pretty good on "red" side. 1/2" is deeper in color because walls are thicker.

HK is the best performing block hands down, but you also can consider other things. For example EK Supreme is great performer too and it looks like million bucks. I use it myself and only slightly tempted to move to HK.

AmuseMe November 29, 2009 09:53 AM

The best thing you can do for coolant and fluid is distilled water and a "kill coil" (which is .999 silver, that is just curled into a coil) Silver will zap any living microbes in your loop, and doesn't cause any discoloration/ build up. Take note: If using a kill coil DO NOT have different metals in your loop. If using the kill coil, make sure you have only copper block. I mean, you can mix the metals with the silver, but you will need a stabalizet addative.

Also, what you could do is buy a BitsPower TRUE SILVER fitting, and that would be enough.

llama_egg November 29, 2009 10:04 AM

No, no, it's just that I honestly didn't know about your site before, but unless I'm going crazy or blind I don't seem to have any trouble browsing your site. The problem was trying to find 45 degree for 3/8in IN and 5/8in OUT (which I noticed I never mentioned), which was the tubing I was looking at. Sadly the only way of getting 3/8 IN and 1/2 OUT for just plain black tubing (non UV reactive) is the States it seems.

Also, thank you for the information on the HK, I was really hoping it would give a decent jump on other blocks, but if it only gives marginal increase then I'll have to let her go.

Dazmode November 29, 2009 10:17 AM

Comparing to D-Tek block it won't be marginal change IMHO, I was talking about other performance blocks like Koolance or EK.

llama_egg November 29, 2009 10:40 AM

Aye, I might be grabbing a new block either way, it appears as though the EK Supreme will run within a couple degree's of the HK, though the HK is less restrictive. But at nearly half the price I don't think I can justify it.

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