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Originally Posted by Linus View Post

Higher flow is *always* better for our purposes in closed loop water cooling UNLESS you're throwing so much pump power at the problem that you end up with enough heat dump to offset the improved cooling performance you're getting from the higher flow.

The principles at work in a CPU block are not really different from a radiator, so you will actually see BETTER performance from a radiator that has higher flow, not worse (this does not apply to an open loop) where the water would not get cycled back to the radiator again.

For a micro example of this try putting your arm in front of a fan on low and high settings. For the sake of this experiment we can treat your room basically like a closed loop since you won't heat it significantly in a couple of seconds.

By the "more time to take away heat" line of thinking, the low fan setting should cool your arm better because the air has more time to pick up heat from your arm, but it doesn't. More flow = a larger differential in temperatures and more turbulence (more contact between individual molecules in the fluid medium with the solid you're trying to cool). That means you get better cooling with the higher fan setting.
So if I have this right.
The more times a single molecule flows by a radiator (water or air) the better the heat transfer and thus a cooler water temp.
The key to all this is the amount of cooling the rad does each pass of that molecule because that's what rad do. They cool that molecule each time it passes through the rad. The more times you put that molecule through the rad the cooler it gets until it reaches equilibrium with the heat being taken up by the water blocks. It's all about delta T when your talking heat transfer.

Thus when you add components to a loop some resistance is encountered by each. You can only flow as much water as the most restrictive component in you loop at a given pressure. Rads typically flow higher than blocks so adding a rad shouldn't add much delta P.
If the mp655 handles your loop now, it will handle it with an extra rad.

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