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frosty August 18, 2007 06:58 AM

Fans/Kleenex..not good
Firstly I couldn't quit figure out which section to post this, so I decided on this one.... if it needs to be moved, then well, move the post, i didnt see a funny computer build story section.... LOL...

Just wanted to share this little story when I was assembling my computer....

after building my first system and having it sitting on the floor, I decided to see how strong the top 200 mm fan really was.... I grabbed a piece of kleenex (or facial tissue if you will) and proceeded to place it on the top of case to watch the fan blow it away.... my kids really thought it was neat... well, to get to the point... I had the side of the case off (obviously cause only a fool would put the case completely together after building one for the first time..... so anyways, with all the fans inside the case (antec 900) I gues the SUCTION grabbed the kleenex and sucked it into the side of the computer case directly into the Zalman 9700 cpu cooler then out the back.... OHHHH MAN.... it was snowing in my living room, talk about your heart dropping into your stomach!!!!! The sound alone of the fans chewing up the tissue was enough to make any grown man cry, ecspecially after just assembling 2800 bucks worth of hardware.... anyways... the kids really enjoyed it, they bugged and bugged for me to do it again...NEVER AGAIN...... LOL......

just wanted to share my embarassment with you!!!

magictorch August 18, 2007 08:20 AM

oh man!
thats quite a show for your kids---that must have hurt--i like hearing those disaster stories!

Patriote August 18, 2007 12:18 PM

Hahahah! Nice 1 frosty! :biggrin:

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