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Bubbzilla July 7, 2009 05:08 PM

Best Water Block for i7
I have been shopping for a new computer for the past few months now. I want it to be WCed but the cooling block I was looking at, the Apogee GTZ is unavailable. So, i need to find a different one. I have looked at a couple, but i dont really know what to look for. I have no idea what to get, so any help is welcome.

These are some of the ones ive looked at
Zalman ZM-GWB5 Plus COPPER-BASE CPU Waterblock S1366 775 AM3 AM2+ 754 939 940 - DirectCanada

XSPC X2O Delta CPU Block V3 LGA1366 LGA775 AM2 CPU Water Block G1/4 - DirectCanada.

Swiftech APOGEE GT LGA775/S754/AM2/AM3/LGA1366 3/8IN & 1/2IN Barbs - DirectCanada

steers July 7, 2009 05:29 PM

If you're okay with importing, I would consider the Heatkiller 3.0. From what I've seen its performance is just stellar, and it's quite a looker too (in my opinion).

Both Sidewinder and PPCs have them in stock, but make sure to use USPS rather than UPS (I got dinged $54 in brokerage fees and I'm still sore about it >:[ )

Watercool HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366 CPU Water Block Products Model: 14015 [14015] : Performance-PCs.com, ... sleeve it and they will come

gingerbee July 7, 2009 06:02 PM

heatkiller or this Swiftech APOGEE GTZ LGA775 CPU Water Block G1/4 Chrome HI-FLOW 1/2IN Barb Fittings - DirectCanada

Dazmode July 7, 2009 06:49 PM

For performance EK Supreme LT or HK 3.0 would be my recommendation. If you want more bling Supreme or Koolance CPU350 looks great. GTZ would my my last choice.

Jackquelegs July 7, 2009 06:51 PM

The GTZ isn't nearly as good as it should be. HK 3.0, or Koolance 350 are both great blocks. Also try EK Supreme LT

Apollo4g July 7, 2009 07:26 PM

Heatkiller 3.0 or LT as mentioned above are my recommendations.

SugarJ July 7, 2009 08:01 PM

I've got a GTZ, going to get a Heatkiller myself once I've paid off my property taxes.

JMCD July 7, 2009 11:54 PM

Go with performance-pcs. I've dealt with them and they have awesome shipping prices. The cheapest USPS won't be much, it'll take a week and a half probably to get there. Since you live in BC you'll probably have to pay GST + 5.00 Canada Post fee when it comes to the door. Maybe you won't if you're lucky :)

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