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superj April 4, 2009 07:54 PM

Help me WC my 4870 only
My Sapphire 1GB 4870 is easily the loudest and hottest component in my rig.
I'd like to watercool it for noise and temp reasons with aesthetics being a distant third reason.

I'm thinking about the Swiftech MCW60 because I can probably find a used one pretty cheap. Can I get away with just using a pump and radiator with a bleed "T" for the rest of my loop. I'm going to try and fit everything in my Antec Mini P180.

Eventually I may cool my Q9450, but it runs pretty cool with my OCZ Vendetta already. If I did add it, I was thinking about running the GPU and CPU blocks in parallel to avoid pre-warming the water for the second component. Are there blocks that have adjustable nozzles/valves for balancing multiple circuits?

What are some good choices that are compact and relatively cheap for pumps, rads, and blocks?

gingerbee April 4, 2009 08:08 PM

i was worried about pre warming what a waste of time don't worry about it at all my 4870 in a loop right after my i7 and even with the cpu and gpu at full load gpu never goes over 65 ( just trying to work out the overclock right now) ( that with a 3 x120 swiftech ) just get agood rad and do it all

superj April 4, 2009 08:16 PM

How far can you go with a 1x120mm rad? My case is small. My OC on the Q9450 is a mild 3.2Ghz without a voltage boost so it doesn't generate to much heat.

phil3_66666 April 4, 2009 09:08 PM

1 120mm rad for cpu or gpu will be good, the bolt i think you will need 2x 120.1(to fit all internal)

do you know what is the size of the lower hd cage? if it's the same than p182(upper in p182) you can remove it(you also need to remove the plastic rail for it) and you can fit an swiftech 120.1, with another one on the back 120mm fan you will good to go:thumb:

JD April 4, 2009 09:10 PM

I'd go with at least a dual 120 rad for CPU and GPU.

You might be able to do with a Feser/Thermochill/XSPC RX 120.1 though, but I wouldn't expect the best possible temperatures.

MpG April 4, 2009 09:36 PM

You could probably squeak through with a single rad if you really had to. If memory serves me right, one of our members (Capt Vortex? Can't recall) was cooling a 9800GX2 on a single MCR120, and his temps were more than acceptable. As long as you're using a good pump, "pre-warming" is basically a non-issue, since the difference between the hottest and coolest points in the water loop is rarely more than a few degrees.

Video cards have a lot of temperature headroom once you get them on water, so even if you wind up having water that's running 15-20 degrees above room temp, rather than only 5 or 10, you'll still be doing better than you would with air. And at those speeds, that quad probably has plenty of temperature headroom to work with too. Finally, having said all that, it's entirely possible that you'd get just as good component temps with good air coolers.

gingerbee April 4, 2009 10:11 PM

temps with good air coolers hes got a good point unless your using some parts you have to save money good air cool = not very much

vinister April 4, 2009 10:32 PM

If you already have a good cpu cooler and you are happy with your temperatures and clocks, then there is no reason to water cool it. Air coolers have come a long way, the vendetta is one of the best available. Starting from scratch, I would say water, but since you already have it, just stick with it until you have motivation to switch.

Always buy the biggest rad you can comfortably fit in your case. There's basically no downside to a bigger radiator, aside from it being, ummm, bigger. In your case that probably means a double rad. Maybe look into the new stackable swiftecs because then it gives you an upgrade path if you ever move to a bigger case. I've had a few mid-tower cases and fit double rads by removing most of the drive mounting metalwork. I usually leave the topmost spot for the DVD drive, and cut the rest clean off. Jimmy-rig some bracketry to mount a double rad sandwiched between 4 fans, then you can use the mountain mods fan brackets to mount 3 HDD's per fan.

Yes you can just use a T-line. I have been watercooling for years, and just recently bought my first resevoir. Tee's work great, you just have to watch what's going on while you're filling, make sure you bubbles come out and up and don't just go back through the pump. It helps to run the pump slowly and in 'pulses'. Each time you stop, tap the tee and the other components to help the bubbles come up and out, rocking the case to and fro. Put the Tee right at the inlet to the pump, with a fill tube coming straight up from it (not angled, straight vertical). The other side of the Tee should go down to the outlet of your rad.

As for a block, I like full-cover. You have to keep your gpu for a long time for it to be worth it, so make sure its a good one. The problem with the gpu-only blocks, is that when you overclock, the VRM's and ram still are inadequately cooled, so the card will still do the 'gpu recover' thing when under serious loads at high clocks. If you go full-cover, the whole card is cooled to the same temp so you can overclock with more stability.

superj April 5, 2009 07:33 AM

Thanks for the advice. I would agree that air cooling is probably sufficient for my cpu. It is really limited more by my cheap matx motherboard with limited OC options than temps. Liquid cooling almost doesn't seem worth it on temps alone for 45nm processors.

My Sapphire 1gb 4870 is quite loud under load, and I see tangible gains by overclocking it. I may just go for the gpu for now since a single 120.1 rad should handle it fine. My PCB apparently is non-reference so I can use most full coverage blocks. I be stuck using VRM/VRAM heat sinks, unless I can trade my card for a reference.


cadaveca April 5, 2009 10:26 AM

the swiftech 4870 block will work for you...I have 2 of the same cards, and am travelling dow nte smae path as you...these cards NEED water. No such thing as a decent air cooler, that doesn't take up three slots, which is no good with me having more than one card.

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