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ChuckleBrother March 1, 2009 07:01 PM

Rehashed TJ09 - MCR220 and PA120.3
So I have had my TJ09 watercooled for some time now with a giant PA120.3 hanging off the back. This was fine and my temps were great but I can't stand the looks of it. So I decided to get tricky and am now going to totally redo my whole case(wiring, loop, etc) and put it inside the case. So here are some preliminary shots as I fit everything in the case, the cutting starts tomorrow!

Here's the thermochill placed at the bottom of the case, I'm going to be cutting out some holes and drilling some fan holes tomorrow if all goes well. The biggest downside of this setup is that one section of the rad will be effectively working passively, but considering that I can run the WHOLE rad passive and still have load temps under 50 suggests that I am going to be fine.

The PSU located in the harddrive bay and mounted with my old rad-mount, limits me to 3-4 drives and a DVD in the bay, but I don't really care since all my storage is on a server.

The motherboard tray with my mounted micro-res, the top fitting is going to lead to a fillport or something for bleeding since once the loop is full I won't be able to easily move the res.

My new coolant, I am going with Feser One orange this time around, with orange lighting(eBay seller is a slow shipper). Have to hit the stores tomorrow to find out about some resistors(unless anyone knows if I can mod a different LED easily onto an Antec Tricool fan).

My devoted helper on my laptop which will be getting me through this tough time spent without any real gaming:(. Thank god for the moral support.

So hopefully this will all go over well, going to find out tomorrow if my hand is steady enough to cut the bottom of my case without any screwups:). If anyone can think of a brilliant idea on what to do with the pump I'd be happy to hear, I have an idea(right by the air duct near the hdd space) but I am unsure how easily I can affix it to the radiator without causing any damage.

Supergrover March 1, 2009 07:32 PM

Looks good CB!

Finished all my cuts except one. Same waiting on shipping.

What LED's?

ChuckleBrother March 1, 2009 07:39 PM

Not even sure of the specs on them, some guy on eBay was selling packs of 100 so I picked them up. Fire if I get the resistance strength wrong a few times I will have plenty of replacements. They are 5mm though so likely share the same specs as nearly every other LED in that size range(so likely 2 volt drop and 30mA required).

I just realized that because of the case structure I need to make 4 cuts, one for each fan hole and one to feed the ATX/PCI cables through. I love this case but I really wish they would have made it a little more easy to be a free spirit in.

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