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arekieh October 17, 2008 10:14 PM

Is WaterCooling for me?
Hi guys,
Been thinking about it for a while. I currently have a TRUE 120, and I have a Xigmatek Battleaxe that will be here in a couple days. However, i have been thinking about going water, but entering slowly, waiting for sales and getting parts nice and cheap. Overall i dont want to spend more than $200, BUT, im not sure if its even worth it. I am interested in knowing how high maintenance watercooling really is. Also, how much cooler will a $200 configuration be compaired to my current air setup, and how loud will it be. Right now the only fans i have in my computer are all antec tri cools on low, including a tri cool on the true, they all run at 20dba, and the battleaxe is rated at 20dba at the lowest speed. For watercooling are the only fans the ones on the radiator?? Also, will a decent sized radiator fit in my case (p182) or will it have to be rear mounted(dont like).
P.S. Im hopeing $200 for both my gpu and cpu being cooled.
Thanks alot guys
P.S.2. Sorry for the uber long list of questions, but here comes another question. With $200 what would you guys suggest for parts for a GPU/CPU config, also, do u think its smart to do gpu and cpu? or should i go just cpu but for less $$

Infiniti October 17, 2008 10:28 PM

Mounting a rad inside a P180 can be done, but it requires a lot of modding. Its best to mount it at the back, or cut holes at the top to mount the rad. And I find that maintaining a WC setup isn't that hard, you just have to keep an eye on your res levels and top it off every couple months. But you should also make sure your water levels don't drop too fast, or you might have a leak somewhere.

MpG October 17, 2008 10:55 PM

As long as you set it up right in the first place, water-cooling is very low maintenance, and minimal risk. It's when you start cutting corners and rushing that Bad Things start to happen.

The P182 isn't really a good case for watercooling; you're almost certainly going to have to hang the radiator on the back of the case. You might be able to attach a rad to the top fan, but I don't think there's enough clearance beneath the fan before it hits the motherboard.

As far as noise reduction goes, case airflow is still important, because not all the heat goes into the water for the radiator to handle, and you still need to carry away the heat coming off the minor motherboard components. Watercooling can potentially make your system quieter, but it's usually only at high overclocks/heatloads that it can be quieter than good aircooling. Even then, much of the quietness comes from using larger double and triple radiators, which usually have to be hung outside the case.

Honestly, you're going to have trouble cooling both your CPU and GPU for $200. I just tried making a shopping list for that amount, and I'm not sure it's actually possible. There's been a fairly significant price increase on watercooling stuff (among other things) the last week or so, which pretty much ruined any chance of pulling it off.

For your CPU alone, you could look at something like THIS, which is basically self-contained, performs well, costs $145 plus tax/s&h, and is a good way to introduce yourself to watercooling. It's only got a single-sized radiator though, so I wouldn't want to try adding the video card to it. You're probably looking at another $100 for the hardware to put the GPU in your loop, plus the cost of a larger radiator to properly handle the heat.

matsta31 October 18, 2008 04:08 AM

200 $ you said ?

this is decent:

you get all the parts and dont have to shop around. But, you will need to buy some tubing and there is only one video card block.

phil3_66666 October 18, 2008 06:30 AM

Hi, i make you a paint for the rad mounting in the p180/p182

ImageShack - Hosting :: p182gz9.jpg

red rectangle = 120.1
yello rectangle = 120.2
green rectangle = 120.3

black circle = low or no modification (for the back mount you need to cut 2 hole for tubing and for the upper hd cage you loss youre hd space)
blue circle = you need to cut the top (for the 120.1 top mounting you just need 2 hole for tubing)
purple circle = you need to remove the lower hd cage and her mount + the lower chamber fan + her mount

be the way form the top of the case to the motherboard it's only have 4.5cm

Gunner86 October 18, 2008 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by matsta31 (Post 101936)
200 $ you said ?

this is decent:

you get all the parts and dont have to shop around. But, you will need to buy some tubing and there is only one video card block.

Yeah that is a good kit, buy it from me :bleh:

biff October 18, 2008 08:26 PM

Like MpG said, water cooling is low risk if done right. On a standard system there really is no advantage over aircooling except for the coolness factor. On high over clocks is where it starts to strut it's stuff. You can move a lot of heat to the rads which are much more efficient at transferring heat to the ambient air while still only using 2 or three quiet 120mm fans. The CPU is the one you want to keep the coolest since it responds well with better OCs, the GPU not so much but cooler is still nicer. You still need some airflow through the case but it's much less critical especially if you can get the NB under water then you're only tring to keep the various chips cool enough so they don't self destruct. Of course ther are exceptions like if you have smokin HOT RAM.

From an investment stand point it's actually a good deal especially if you stay away from specialty stuff like full coverage gpu blocks and using something like a maze5 + RAMsinks instead. Most if not all of the parts can be carried over upgrade after upgrade.

arekieh October 18, 2008 08:59 PM

I also forgot about the fact, that if i get watercooling i can sell a bunch of my aircooling, so i could probably get $50-$100 for everything, Also, my NB gets very very toasty after my overclocks, and if it werent for my hot NB/CPU, i can hit 4.2ghz steady(me and my buddy hooked up his WC to my rig). My ram gets warm, but not too too hot, so it should be fine. Also, GPU Fullcover blocks have always seemed like a waste to me so no way am i doing that.

Overall though, what do u guys think, for my current situation should i just stick to aircooling or go WC?

biff October 20, 2008 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by arekieh (Post 102251)
Overall though, what do u guys think, for my current situation should i just stick to aircooling or go WC?

do you need water cooling?... No you don't. But if you want that 4.2GHz then yeah it would help. Of course you could get a large kick ass cooler for the NB and stick a good fan on it and be probably just as far ahead. But that's the question isn't it. WC get's the heat from all these parts to a single location that is much more efficient to get rid of the heat without having many screaming fans.

It's certainly not a waste getting water cooling as there is the added benefit of the thermal deltas being smaller which could (in theory) extend the life of the components. It sounds like you want to get WCing, so why don't you? As you've seen the gain is small but measurable and you have the potential to get as good or better cooling more quietly, but with additional cost and complexity. That's a decision YOU need to make.

magictorch October 20, 2008 01:38 PM

Given the cpu in your sig. then water-cooling the cpu would be a good idea and might pull your NB temps down at the same time (although 500FSB is high).

Its gets tricky with the 4870-they need really good cooling on the memory and VRM's something only a FC block will do well as far as Ive read (unless you mod the stock cooler).

With the NB, CPU, and FC block you'll need something like an MCR320 with high-flow fans if your on a budget. I have an extra MCP655 if you need one for around 50 shipped. Add in the tubing, barbs, solution I'd say ~300 all in will do it. You'll not regret spending the money. Theres some WC stuff for sale here too- you might be able to save some money that way.

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