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Old August 14, 2008, 06:39 PM
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Hope they won't pull the ''in stock ''Yes'' when you order it, but switch to ''No'' and let you stuck at the shipping soon message for 2 weeks'' trick, like they did to me a couple of times in the last months...
That happened to me with my RAM - still waiting. The rest of my order arrived in good order via UPS and surprisingly onl a dinted box corner (though I wasn't impressed with the packing around the HDDs - not UPS fault). I've had pretty good luck with all of them. The only one that has every broken a shipment on me was UPS.
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Old August 15, 2008, 09:29 AM
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I live really really really :) far up north from Montreal, and EVEYTHING takes 4-5 days to get here (or more)... And I mean EVERYTHING... Sigh...

If I pay ExpressPost for 2 days delivery ''garantied'', it takes 4-5 days to get here (but no refunds... hey, it's CanadaPost...). ''Standard'' CanadaPost: 4-5 days... Puro 9.99$ from DC or NCIX, or ''standard'' ground delivery: you guess it... always 4-5 days (or more) delivery... :(

UPS, FedEx, every ''Express'' options or not, for anywhere in Canada... 4-5 days delivery... But never a refund, even if the sender (or me), paid MORE for that ''1 day delivery or cash back'' option...

The thing that's REALLY makes me mad about all this is that they ALL take the money with a smile (take the money and run...) and NEVER deliver in time... Since I receive around 50 packages a day at my business, I now always have to tell people (senders) NEVER to pay for ''Express'' anything, and always use ''regular or standard'' when sending me something, even if it's an urgency, since it ALWAYS take 4-5 days or more, no matter the amount of $ we pay, or option we choose...

They should tell us it's impossible to make an Express delivery here (CanadaPost, UPS, FedEx, Puro....)... but hey, they all prefer to take the money, and then tell us it's ''not covered'' when we receive it 4-5 days later, or that ''we are not responsible'', or any other reason they always find to NEVER gives us a refund for lack of delivery in time... That should be ILLEGAL in my book... :(

I fell better now. :)
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Old August 17, 2008, 05:38 PM
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Now that's a sweet video card... It doubled ( and even more ) my FPS in almost every game except for Crysis, ( of course ) where I get an average of 28 FPS @ 1680 x 1050 with 4xAA and Vsync enabled... but like SkYMTL said in his review ( which was awesome by the way...props to you m8 ), there is still some work to do on the drivers... so I expect some improvements regarding this game in a near future...But overall, I'm really satisfied with my purchase.

Here are some pics of the beast ( don't pay attention to the cable management, which is pretty much non-existent )...

Now, I have a little question for you guys : since I know that running this baby on a 22'' monitor is not ideal, I am planning to buy a 24''. I don't really know which ones are worth my attention right now, so that's where you guys come in... Do you have any suggestions ???

Thanks in advance !

EDIT: Ok, I managed to dig the forums a little bit... never noticed there was a display units place before... Here's what I've decided to order : BenQ V2400W 24IN Widescreen Black LCD Monitor 2MS 1920X1200 4000:1 Senseye HDMI DVI VGA looks like a really cool 24"...

---> sorry for my bad english <---
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