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derrXIII August 12, 2008 01:47 PM

Quick Question /b/
Radeon X1300 + Vista x64 = ??

Joose August 12, 2008 02:40 PM

Why would you want to use Vista 64-bit? You're just asking for problems. Unless you need to be running an enterprise-class database with 10,000+ users or more than 3GB RAM you don't need 64-bit. If you are running an enterprise-class database with 10,000+ users, then you don't need Vista and an X1300. If you're running 4GB RAM, then 64-bit might be a good idea because 32-bit client OS's can't use the 4GB you've got.

less than 3GB = Save yourself the headache and install a 32-bit OS.
more than 3GB = Go 64-bit

MpG August 12, 2008 02:55 PM

There are, in fact, other reasons to use a 64-bit OS. While it's still rare, some games do have the option to use 64-bit instruction sets, that can yield improvements in some areas. One can only expect the trend to grow in the long run.

That particular card supports DX9c, so it will run the Vista Aeroglass interface, although it can be argued that it's getting a little long in the tooth for newer games. Conversely, some older games do have compatibility problems on Vista, however. So if you have some older games that you still play regularly, it might be worth your while to do some searching to see if other people have been reporting problems between those games and Vista.

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