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zlojack August 8, 2008 12:30 PM

Upgrades - help me decide
I'm trying to decide what to do...

I have a few different upgrades I'd like to do in the next while.

1) Move my system into a MM H2GO case (smaller than my current beast and a bit more streamlined, plus it looks great! This would involve also installing a fan controller and re-plumbing my loop. Probably I would be looking to do this sometime in the fall or early winter. Total cost for case+tubing+controller+accessories @ $450

2) Upgrade my video card. I was originally thinking about the 4870 X2. Now I am also considering the GTX 280 since the price drops. I play Age of Conan and COD4 more than anything else though I am always open to new stuff. I play at 1920x1200 and I like to turn on all the eye candy, so that makes me lean towards the 4870 X2. But it's going to be expensive (probably I'll end up paying in the $700 range by the time I get that plus the waterblock). My current card chokes in AoC in certain areas and especially during raiding and that's even with the settings turned down.

So I have the choice of a quieter (slightly) and smaller rig in an awesome case or of upgrading my gameplay performance. I'm kind of torn between the two.

The other thing is, if I hang on until the new year on the vid card, the 40nm cards will likely be out in Q1 or Q2 of 09 and they will most probably chew up most games and spit them out.

The other option is to go for one 4870, then pick up an X2 later for Trifire, but I still want to see reviews given the memory discrepancy.

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