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Killswitch July 21, 2008 05:39 PM

Nvidia losing two major players?????
If this is true, things are going to change big time! Could XFX and EVGA be going to Camp Intel?

Two Nvidia partners defect - The INQUIRER

FiXT July 21, 2008 06:03 PM

I saw this:

By Charlie Demerjian:

And the rest went in one ear, out the other.... so to speak

If it is to be believed however, there has got to be a twist we aren't being told. Given that eVGA has been nVidia exclusive since before the millennium and the largest nVidia partner in North America, it wouldn't seem like a smart move on their part.
Maybe they have just broadened their horizons and dropped the "exclusive" portion?

slugbug July 21, 2008 06:05 PM

The Inquirer is not exactly a credible source of information.

Cheator July 21, 2008 06:24 PM

NV isn't doing that bad, find this hard to swallow.

bojangles July 21, 2008 06:33 PM

I think eVGA wants to expand because nVidia only wants to pursue the high-end market, but money can be lost there. The mainstream is where most sales occur, and the last round of cards were not in that range. EVGA wants back in, and I think they'll do whatever it takes to get back at it.

If it is true, I would have no idea who they would be signing to. Perhaps they will start investing in the Intel chipsets, if they aren't joining forces with AMD. There's really no other high-demand company out there that can suffice the huge loss these companies have seen for the last couple months.

My $0.02.

Killswitch July 21, 2008 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by FiXT (Post 70976)
I saw this:

By Charlie Demerjian:

And the rest went in one ear, out the other.... so to speak

LOL! I know, I know. But he was pretty close to hammering the nail home here -> Summer will bring a GPU war - The INQUIRER

magictorch July 21, 2008 07:03 PM

I really hope these guys haven't moved to Intel.

Intel plays a hard, mean, and below the belt game. Last thing thats needed is for them to dominate in the GPU sector..competition is good, but not dominance.

Surely NVIDIA could have been better prepared for the ATI R700 given the headstart with the 8000 series:doh:.

Anyway the one thing that annoyed me about EVGA was the way it seems to rank the chips into a hierachy according to clocking ability. You can just pick up a 4870 with its overdesigned PCB and ramp it up-or way up if your lucky:biggrin:.

Jmac July 21, 2008 07:21 PM

I saw it was by Mr. Charlie @ The Inquirer and didn't even bother reading it ... Waste of time ...

If eVGA and BFG went Intel, I would LOL. I have absolutely zero faith in Intel's ability to produce a good graphics solution ... They've proven time and time again that their integrated graphics are the absolute worst GPUs on the market.

muse108dc July 21, 2008 07:37 PM

Bah, I doubt it will happen, I wouldnt mind if eVGA or xfx went red but dont really want them going blue. Dont really like intel at the moment

Mibs July 21, 2008 09:06 PM

I would love it if evga started making boards with intel chipsets. evga has incredible support and makes excellent products. Imagine having that without having to buy another nvidia chipset...it's too good to be true!

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