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Old July 23, 2008, 12:20 PM
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Yes, the original thermal paste on the video card or MB is very sticky. I have to use heat gun to take it off from my MB NB.
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Default a more frustrating experience..

could not be had for any price.

they "say" that the accelero S2 rev1 is compatible with the 8800gt. i dont know about the other cards out there but as far as the Asus 8800gt, it could only qualify as BARELY compatible.

if anyone has one of these they know about screws 1,2,3 and 4. well right now screws 1 and 2 , nearest to the edge of the card. these two even with the little black spacers are still not fluch against the card. they are in tight enough without doing damage.

the cooler itself seems to be doing a good job. i had mentioned earlier that my temps had gone down. well they went right back up again as soon as the system warmed up again.

right now the vga temp is 37 deg C. thats a drop of 11 deg C just at idle. i will let you know tomorrow how it is at the hottest part of the day. before it used to get up to 51 deg C just idling. god only knows what it would have gone to playing crisis or something.

still all in all a good cooler. steep learning curve. there is one thing that i would NOT recommend to anyone. the little kit you can get with 2 small guardless fans in it. its made for this card. i finally managed to get it on but its such a finicky and flimsy piece of shot that i would NEVER repeat the experience. in my opinion the next time i would just buy a really good 120mm high speed fan and zip tie that on. or perhaps 2 80mm fans.

whatever. anything would be better than the AC fans. anything.

just my 2 cents


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