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Old March 23, 2014, 06:07 PM
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Default GTX 460 and driver issue?

Hello everyone,

I ran into a problem today with a hand-me-down GTX 460. It's a Zotac GTX 460 Synergy Edition (40401).

What happened was I was bored and wanted to run a bench on this 5 year old card. I was using AMD's 7730 on my office computer and being an AMD card and going to install an NVidia card I uninstalled the NVidia's drivers. So I pulled out my Radeon HD 7730 and in went the GTX 460!

My build looks like this:

p55-GD80 board with Intel 875K (running stock)
Kingston HyperX (i think) 2x8gb total= 16GB DDR3 - running at 1600mhz timings are 9,9,9,24
Kingston SSD NOW 90GB
an 80GB Blue drive, Sata
4 fans
Corsair CX500
Running Windows 7 64bit

So I put in my GTX 460 and successfully booted to windows. I installed the latest NVidia drivers v335.23 and restarted pc.
Bios Posted, Windows began to load, desktop did not load. I came to a black screen, no mouse visible on screen, monitor lost sync to the videocard.
Then moments later the video card fan became very audible (the fan spun incredibly fast). So i shut it down and restarted.

On restart, same thing.

So i booted into safemode and uninstalled the drivers. I restarted again and installed the earliest Nvidia drivers I could find indexed on Nvidias website V. 314.22. I restarted and!!!

Same thing!

So i fiddled with google searches and whatnot and found that some people were having the same problem and they resolved theirs by disabling the onboard GPU. Well, I don't have onboard GPU so i kept looking. Someone somewhere said something about how when the card was installed that it tricked the computer into thinking there was a secondary monitor somewhere. THat didn't make sense to me in my builds environment so I disregarded it - i moved on.

I have 3 PCI 2.0 X16 slots.. and I tried it in the slot closest to the CPU (which is where i started), moved down one and repeated the steps above (uninstalling driver, re-installing driver) and everything brings me to the windows loading screen and then a black screen with a screaming fan.

I also tried opening the card up and cleaning everything up, re-applying thermal paste (I had some Arctic SIlver 5 laying around)

Oh, i should mention that in uninstalling the AMD and NVIDIA drivers I used this tool indexed on Guru3d called DDU or Display Driver Uninstaller.

Right now i have the 7730 in my office computer, so i removed the 460 for now. I can't really test this card in another computer so I'm not sure if the card is faulty or what.. But I do know the card works enough with a low resolution display driver on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Old March 23, 2014, 07:11 PM
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My System Specs


We have had a lot of problems with gtx 460's at work with the new drivers. Basically any driver that included "Windows 8" in the title would lead to crashes. I suggest going waaay back to find a driver that doesn't include Win8. I believe somewhere in the 200 series is where we ended up but I don't have a work machine in front of me to confirm.
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Old March 23, 2014, 07:29 PM
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Thanks! I will give it a shot.
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Old March 23, 2014, 08:11 PM
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My System Specs


If there is a GPU on the CPU I have had problems. make sure to disable CPU graphics in BIOS.
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Old March 24, 2014, 07:27 PM
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So heres my update

I tried a bunch of things.. My BIOS doesn't have options for display settings.. except for that PCI and PEG option.. So i chose PCI where PEG is PCI Express and was the default setting.
I restarted.
After doing that my black screen after the "Starting Windows' screen turned blue. like a crap windows NT blue.

So i loaded default settings in my BIOS again.

I went to GURU3D and downloaded a few drivers from, 2010, 2011 and 2012. none of them work. I tried a handful from the version: 260 era and all of them crapped all over me.

I then had an epiphony! I did not install the motherboard/mainboard chipset drivers! So i did that and re-installed those crappy old drivers and............ nothing.

What I did now is I have my hd 7730 sitting in PCI Express slot 1 and the GTX 460 is sitting in Slot #2.
Heres what GPU-Z says:

and sensors:

Any thoughts? Any tests I can do on the GPU like this that can let me monitor its ability to cool itself?

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460 , black screen , fans , gtx , spinning

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