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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
HOWEVER, the last thing we need is a fragmented market. Once MS begins a broad-scale DX12 rollout and adoption among developers rises, AMD needs to ditch Mantle.
I disagree. However, having a fragmented market does indeed lead to complications as you described with the "thin" resources over game development. I imagine this is what AMD is taking into consideration when making "Partnerships" with game dev's like Crytek, DICE, Rebellion Developments, Square Enix(R) and Xaviant. Being that these "partnerships" are most likely huge payouts to develop solid, exclusive content under the AMD brand.

Here's why I think this will be driven further with more Dev's as time goes on:

Annual revenue of $5.3 Billion vs NVidia's annual earnings of $4.13 billion.

Now in the reports I believe it shows NVidia as more profitable as revenue costs were lower, and it also shows AMD in decline of revenue since 2012's earnings of $5.42 Billion but AMD has recently experienced a surge in sales in response to crypto currency mining (SCRYPT based coins like DOGE and litecoin). Not only that but AMD has secured a foothold in video-game consoles such as the Playstation 4, Xbox One and WII-U. (all of which deny implementation of Mantle - from what I hear - and It will be a cold cold day in hell when Microsoft allows mantle on their "Direct-X machine")

It may be short-lived but it will shake up the competition (as we're starting to see from Microsoft).

My predictions within the next 2 years are to see Microsoft unveil plans for a dedicated graphics card or chip to directly compete against NVidia and AMD and to build a very strong relationship with EPIC games where games can be optomized and built directly through Unreal Engine 4+ to make most of Microsoft's Direct X API. - We will also see a huge boom in gaming on platforms such as Linux and macOS thanks to technology like Mantle - I am not sure what NVidia will do in response, especially since sales from their "Shield" console are very mediocre (considering they only manufactured thousands of them as opposed to hundreds of thousands - and sold out). However NVidia is optimistic.

With the game industry on such shaky ground, there needs to be a true cross-platform API like DX12 and under no circumstance should AMD ask developers to spread their already thin resources over the development of two low-level, "close to the metal" APIs.
I agree that there needs to be a true cross-platform API but because of the competition between AMD and everyone else I do not see anyone settling for Microsoft and their Direct-X solution. But because of this competition and assurance on the overall market success of the "video-game industry" as a whole I see awesome technologies being created/ unearthed from talented folk being paid to code. Kinda like a race to greatness "a la moon landing".

But we will see.
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