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BurningAce705 December 21, 2013 01:58 PM

Gtx 560 @ 1080p
So I'm looking at getting my self a new monitor on boxing day (Currently running a 1360x768 tv) and I can't seem to find any sort of confirmation if my gtx 560 should be sufficient for 1080p gaming or not.I know that the rest of my system is plenty enough for it (3470 and 8 gigs of ram).So ,does anyone know if my 560 is enough for 1080p or should I go with a lower resolution (I can get an ips 1600x900 monitor on sale)
Thanks for anyone who can help me out :biggrin:

supaflyx3 December 21, 2013 02:22 PM

No it's not, anything below a 670/760 is not enough for 1080P.

Bond007 December 21, 2013 02:36 PM

It will on med-high mixed settings for demanding games...high or better on old school/low gpu demand games. All IMO obviously. If you like all the eye candy on and high fps , then you will need something more powerful.

BurningAce705 December 21, 2013 02:36 PM

Edit:I posted at the same time as the other guy replied.I guess I should have stated previously ,but I am not looking to run everything at ultra with max aa,I'm just looking to get playable framerates at decent settings

Dzzope December 23, 2013 02:27 AM


Originally Posted by supaflyx3 (Post 749486)
No it's not, anything below a 670/760 is not enough for 1080P.

Couldn't disagree more... 560 will be enough for 90% of people that do not need / want bleeding edge graphics.

Basically half your frame-rate and thats where you'll be with 1080.. you then need to decide if it's enough.

If higher res isn't a big thing for you, the IPS x900 should look good and keep the frames higher.. That said, cheap ips for gaming isn't near as smooth as a TN panel.

Maybe get a lend of a 1080 screen from a friend and try it on the games you will be playing and then you can judge for yourself the best if it's enough.

sf101 December 23, 2013 04:34 AM

2 years ago maybe .. now not really. I'm on a spare pc right now with 2500k @ 4.7ghz / 7970@ 1250/1900 and in certain games this pc even dips towards 60fps with settings up to high/ultra . this setup would smoke a 560ti / even a 448 version isnt comparable to it let alone 480/580 ect.

personally i feel 770 or 280/X minimum for today going forward unless on extreme budget restraint's that's all i could recommend with a clear conscience.

BurningAce705 December 23, 2013 05:29 PM

Well I ended up getting an hp ips 1600x900 monitor for a good price locally ,so I will give that a go ,and worse case scenario if I don't like it that much I can bring it back and grab a 1080p monitor and just dial the settings down.Thanks for everyone's help .

Bond007 December 23, 2013 07:12 PM

I honestly think you should return the monitor...My monitor is quite old now and is 1680x1050. Given the current cost of monitors I don't think there is any reason to buy less than 1080p. Personally I would rather run 1080p with some settings lowered on your GPU to make it smooth FPS, then lower the resolution.

BurningAce705 December 23, 2013 07:16 PM

It's a Christmas gift ,so I will have to wait til the 27th to return it.But in the mean while I will defiantly consider just going with 1080p

sf101 December 23, 2013 08:40 PM

oh definitly go with a 1080P as your lowest resolution but you should indeed look into replacing that videocard in the near future. dont buy a monitor with less resolution you can always run the 1080p monitor lower until you can use it at full res.

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