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elec999 November 5, 2013 02:20 PM

Looking to Fiance/Lease GTX titans
Is there any canadian store or anyone who wants to lease/finance gtx titan?

Squeetard November 5, 2013 03:45 PM


Yes, you can get a 1 month lease with zero buyout for $699 a month.

enaberif November 5, 2013 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by elec999 (Post 738984)
Is there any canadian store or anyone who wants to lease/finance gtx titan?

Here is some wise advice...

Don't be a retard.

You don't do this.. If you can't afford it now.. then save up and buy it later.

4DoorGTZ November 5, 2013 04:03 PM

What have you got to put down as collateral?

JD November 5, 2013 04:20 PM

You can buy it through Future Shop:
Zotac GeForce GTX Titan 6GB PCI-E Video Card : Video Cards - Future Shop

Or the GTX 780:
Zotac GeForce GTX 780 3GB DDR5 PCI-E Video Card (ZT-70201-10P) : Video Cards - Future Shop

12 month's equal payments, no interest:
Future Shop Card - Shopping just got better! - Future Shop

Caldezar November 5, 2013 04:42 PM

You're only real option is going to be a department store CC I think. Although I'd suggest you take the wiser approach and save the money. If you absolutely must make payments because you're worried you'll spend the money, then I would suggest you find a store that will do a layaway program instead, as you won't get killed by interest, and you can back out of it any time and get your money back.

rjbarker November 5, 2013 04:46 PM

Wait until 7 Nov and go the 780ti route, should be cheaper and certainly outperform a Titan!!!!!

But honestly I like how Enaberif put it!!!!!' Zippity dune dont pay till June is not the way to go!!

sf101 November 5, 2013 08:50 PM

you dont lease graphics cards the leaser would have to charge you like 300$ a month in order for that to work out in their favor which just doesnt make sense because you could pay for one in 3 months at that rate.

also if your just gaming and a titan is too much for you maybe you havent been paying attention around the forums. 780s @ 480-500$ / 290 starting at 400$ .

SKYMTL November 5, 2013 09:02 PM

GPUs are leased all the time. Many Tesla operators are leasing their cards.

Grey-Tech Computers used to do it as well before shutting down.

I assume the reason you want to lease some extra horsepower is to work on CUDA development which is a good idea. However, you'd need a corporate account and you won't have access to TITANs. It will likely be something like the K20 which is typically leased for about $250 per month on a 1-year contract.

clshades November 5, 2013 10:21 PM

visa and master card are leasing video cards I heard...

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