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eagerbeaver9801 September 9, 2013 01:51 PM

770 2GB vs 4GB
My current card is the msi 580 lightning and it is starting to show its age. I am looking to upgrade it. My computer is used for gaming in 1920x1080 resolution. Of the games I play, probably the most demanding is Skyrim (200+ mods installed, HD textures, etc).

I am leaning towards buying a single aftermarket 770 for now, with the intent to SLI one more in once prices drop. However there are so many great aftermarket 770 to choose from... And now there are 4GB cards as well, making the choice even more difficult.

Q1: Is it worth it to pay the extra for 4GB?
Q2: What kind of SLI performance difference should I expect between 2 770's (2GB) vs 2 770 (4GB)?
Q3: Would the additional money spent to upgrade a 770 from 2GB to 4GB be better spent towards buying a 780 instead?
Q4: I notice EVGA cards receiving more reviews and better reviews than the MSI and the gigabyte Windforce cards? Why is this? Is it overclocking enthusiasts who are buying these EVGA cards for their overclocking potential? I am not interested in breaking benchmark world records I just want to achieve significantly better frames per second in my games for super smooth gameplay no matter what game I throw at it on high to max settings.

Dzzope September 9, 2013 10:30 PM

Personally I'd ring the life out of the 580 for 1080 (even if the mods are making it struggle, maybe disable a few for a while?) and get a new card on launch..
I always end up with remorse if something super awesome comes out at the same price point a few weeks or months after I've invested in new kit and the trend seems to be 18 month iterations (with refresh in the middle somewhere atm)

The difference between a 580 and 770 isn't massive.. probably about 15 - 20% (rough guess)
At a guess I'd say next gen 880 will be ~30 - 40% more.. But when is the question... Nothing to go by but I would expect to see early to mid next yr for more news / release.. or there is always AMD, release expected soon..

EVGA have legendary status with customer support and the classified are awesome cards.. That said I've always found their custom cooled options to be .. meh.. That is till the ACX cooler (which is about a gen behind the competition)

4GB is a bit overkill for 1080 ATM but memory requirements for newer games will only get higher (especially with new consoles coming)
Shouldn't see any difference in SLI with 2 or 4 GB...
The memory will only show a difference when you start running out and playing at 2560x1440 I'm just hitting the 2 GB mark (no mods on my games for high res texture packs etc)

Of the custom coolers the Windforce, Twinfrozr and DCII are hard to beat.

draemn September 9, 2013 10:56 PM

Due to the "faster" memory used in the 770, 2GB can handle a lot more in the 770 than 2GB in a 580. I don't really suggest upgrading to a new card at this time if you can help it... unless money is no concern of yours (at which point you should be buying a 780).

Delavan September 11, 2013 10:08 AM

On this topic, a lot of controversy.

But this thing I found on the MSI forum, and it comes from the global moderator himself! (look at the bold oversized fonts! I find it funny, but interesting that he commited himself on that, MSI selling 4GB version of 770 cards!!!


Re: MSI card

Reply #1 on: 06-September-13, 15:21:04

<hr class="hrcolor" size="1" width="100%"> R7970 TF 3GD5/OC BE is a great HD 7970 GE but if you want a GTX770 get N770 TF 2GD5/OC as it is better than the Gainward one anyway. Besides 4GB is a waste of money for a GTX770.

Delavan September 11, 2013 10:13 AM

What I'd like to know, now that most agree (seems the general consensus on several forums) that 4GB is not useful on a SINGLE 770, if it's true that a SLI setup of 2 x 770 WOULD benefit from 4gb of VRAM...

Because of the fact that dual 770 have more horsepower than a single card, is it making sense that 4GB becomes useful?

I'm looking at going SLI 770s, and I'd go for the 4GB ones if it makes sense. Can the same sense can be made in the case of dual 760s?

The RealRollo September 11, 2013 06:39 PM

A review on AlienBabeltech recently showed the extra 2GB are not needed:

GTX 770 4GB vs 2GB Showdown - Page 3 of 4 - AlienBabelTech

Desiato September 11, 2013 07:11 PM

Buying a new GPU two months before the start of a new generation of consoles is a bad idea. I think it's safe to expect a proportional increase in system requirements for the AAA PC titles that follow.

The nextgen consoles will have around 5GB of ram available for gaming purposes. Most of that will be used for art assets. I wouldn't be comfortable investing in a 2GB GPU right now.

Delavan September 11, 2013 07:22 PM

The real ROLLO,
Thx for pointing the review to me bro! But it doesn't discuss the 4GB IN SLI situation....


Consider me lucky, because I cannot upgrade right now!
My money for this GFX upgrade will be there for X-mas time only... So there is all kinds of options available to be...I'm just anctious on how it's gonna roll!!!

I don't want to go AMD/ATI at all, althought I owned many worthy AMD cards in the past (HD 5770 1GB for the kid and HD5870 1GB for the beginning of BF3), bu I'm no fool and I'll wait and see!

ipaine September 11, 2013 07:35 PM

Here is the thing, the OP mentioned one thing that I think most people are not thinking about.

Originally Posted by eagerbeaver9801 (Post 728507)
Of the games I play, probably the most demanding is Skyrim (200+ mods installed, HD textures, etc)

All of those mods and HD textures can really eat up the VRAM. All of the tests that I see about the 2GB vs 4GB never run modded games. I agree that at 1920x1080 I doubt there are any current games without mods that need anymore than 2GB. But there could be a difference when you start using those mods. What the OP should be doing is monitoring his VRAM usage with his 580 and see if it is using all of his 1.5GB or not. Because if it isn't then stick with the 2GB, if it is then I would venture to say that he might want to go with the 4GB.

But really my best advise is go with the 780 if you can and if not then get the last bit of life outta his 580 and wait until the 800 series. I know that is what I am doing.

draemn September 11, 2013 08:38 PM

For SLI use, adding more vRAM (i.e. 4 vs 2GB) does NOT help. Adding a second card in SLI does not suddenly require the game to start using more vRAM, if anything I would fancy a wild guess that it may partially reduce the vram usage due to the alternate frame rendering process. As for post above me noting that skyrim with lots of mods... that is a very tricky question. Follow his directions to monitor your vram usage to see how much it actually wants to use... sadly you can't actually tell if 4GB will be overkill as the 770 uses faster/better vram and has 500mb more than the 580 you'll be testing with. Still, ask yourself if you don't mind spending the extra $$$ if it only slightly helps one game you play and none of the others. 4GB would only be useful for a triple display gaming or if you plan to go SLI and crank up the AA settings (as that CAN use a lot of vram).

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