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Pedwar February 14, 2013 06:15 AM

Bulldozer bottleneck?
Hey guys, wanted to ask a question regarding if my builds got some bottle necking going on. I know the basic principle of bottlenecking, and what it does, but I don't know how to tell if it's happening. My build is:-

AMD FX-8150 (OC'd to 4 GHz via Corsair H80)
8 GB Corsair Vengeance Ram
Asus GTX 660Ti OC Edition
(All the other information is kinda irrelevant for this question.. basically got 2 SSD's and a storage drive.)

My question is, is my 660Ti being held back by the CPU? I know it's different for every game, but say for battlefield 3? If it does bottleneck, how do you remedy the situation, boost the clock even higher?

BlueByte February 14, 2013 07:34 AM

With a H80 you should be able to get that cpu to 4.4 to 4.5 with decent case airflow. I would do that since 4Ghz was lower then the boost speed. If you disabled the boost to OC you are running slower then it would have jumped in most games. As for bottleneck I would say it depends on your resolution. But if you tune to you hardware you should still easily keep it at 60fps with what you have.

great_big_abyss February 14, 2013 07:34 AM

I don't think the 8150 should be bottlenecking a 660Ti in BF3. BF3 scales well on multi-threaded CPUS, so theoretically Bulldozer should do okay. My question is, why do you think there is a bottleneck? What kind of settings are you running in BF3? What kind of frame rates are you getting?

With all settings on Ultra, and all the anti-aliasing tools turned ON, I think you should be getting about 55-60FPS out of your GTX660Ti, at 1080P. If you're getting significantly less than that, say 40fps average, then yeah, your CPU is bottlenecking. If you're getting close to those framerates (say, 50fps) then I think you're fine.

Hooded February 14, 2013 07:46 AM

Try using the Geforce Experience to setup your card for gaming.
If still not running smooth go over your OC as stated above.

Masteroderus February 14, 2013 06:45 PM

Check out HWC review for your video card on bf3 here: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...xy-msi-10.html

It shows 33 min, 54 average frame rate on 1080p maxxed settings. This is with an i7 3930K with 1866mhz memory in quad channel.

To me, a very picky and hardcore gamer, this means the 660ti isn't good enough for bf3. FPS needs a close to 60 minimum frame rate. In fact I prefer it when games don't dip below 60 fps as when you run at a solid 60 or higher it feels much more immersive than a solid 30-50. Many will say "you can't tell", and that's just not true. FPS games especially have a much better feel at a solid 60.

So often i hear that a 660ti or a 670 is "all you'll ever need for single monitor 1080p gaming". I disagree.
Even HWC own data shows that a 680gtx has below a 60 fps minimum.

If you're looking for a perfect bf3 experience get a 680gtx or 7970, or greater. Look at HWC own data on minimum/ave frame rates and put them to your own standards.

My trifire unlocked 6950 rig plays bf3 at great frame rates with a stock clock 8150.

Dzzope February 15, 2013 01:25 AM

Bump the clock. 660ti shouldn't be bottle necked on that chip. If it was a CPU heavy game that only used 1 or 2 cores then I would suspect it more but BF3 (IIRC) will use more.

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