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betoxord February 5, 2013 05:51 PM

Replace my 560ti sli setup
Hi guys,

Like the tittle say I have 2 Galaxy 560ti 1Gb running in sli but I'm looking to run my 3 23" monitors. My problem is Nvidia surround. I have to turn sli off if i want to run the 3 screens at 1920x1080 for productivity(doing a doctors degree) and it's a waste of power to use the second card just for a single screen.

I want to run a single card that is similar in horse power to my setup but more efficient and can run games in 5760x1080 for when I need to release the stress. (some FPS RPG and MMO action)

My idle power draw is around 140w-180w but jumps to close to 500w(UPS Read out) just playing playing WoW.

I was looking at the MSI HD7950 TF3 for the swap but I can't find any good numbers on benchmarks comparing my SLI 560ti to the HD7950, how would the single card stack up.

Stability and durability are a must, my rig will be holding research and all my work from my doctors to the point I'm considering building a new Fx-8350 on an Asus 990 Sabertooth mobo just because of the military standard and the true 8 core design.(Thoughts on that will also be appreciated)

My current setup is:

Asrock Extreme 4 Z77 mobo.
i7 2600k running stock clock.
16 gigs of 1600 ram.
2 Galaxy 560ti 1Gb 835Mhz running stock clocks.
Creative Sound Blaster fatality champion sound card.
Ultra 850w 80 silver modular PSU.
Cooler Master HAF-XB.
2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD.(Adding a second drive for raid 1 soon)
128Gb Samsung 830 SSD boot drive.
Blue-ray drive.

Dzzope February 5, 2013 11:04 PM

Either high end Nvidia's or AMD's will run 3 screens. (Nvidia will actually do 4 now, 3 in game and a extra desktop screen)

For 3 monitors any single card will struggle (depending on the settings used) but I wouldn't suggest anything short of a 7970 / 680 (and overclock them) for gaming across 3 monitors.

2 560 ti's were quite a bit more powerful than a 580(approx 20 - 30%) and the 7970 was about the same.

Driver updates and the Ghz / OC editions would take it past those levels where a 7950 is scoring about the same as 2 560ti's in 3d mark and a 7970 is showing 20 - 30% faster than the 560's

Very hard to compare the cards through different generations of drivers and software revisions of games etc. But if you look at any of the reviews they should have your res covered.
Some may be in a different section others withing each tests results. you can take from that what you will.

I know what I would be choosing (especially with the games they're giving away now)

kishagi February 22, 2013 02:58 PM

That is certainly is odd. did you.try.contacting evga about that problem?. If you cannot fix it, then a 670, or hd 7950/7970 should be better

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