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Old November 27, 2012, 12:40 PM
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Exclamation MSI GTX 660 TI Power Edition

Hey guy's,

So after purchasing my gtx 660 ti pe i started reading more into how to over clock it. From what i am hearing, reading and seeing, the 660 ti pe is one of the best 660 ti's for overclocking.

So when i was reading about the card i came across this on tom's hardware, http://www.tomshardware.com/news/MSI...ion,18013.html
Now i am not any gpu expert or any thing and have been out of the whole scene for a while now (my last gpu upgrade was an xfx nvidia gtx 260 216) but from what I am reading on that page, msi was doing something it shouldn't with volt's, that's as far as my technical understanding goes lol, read some other things about bypassing something or another but don't fully understand it enough to start writing about it.

Basically MSI said that they would be fixing the problem,

"We are currently not aware of any other vendor providing this same level of performance and we’ve worked with NVIDIA to ensure that new production models will limit this free overclock boost you currently get. Our new production models with normal GPU Boost function will be on sale next month."

So i was all like... "that's pretty crap i hope they don't do that because i want more OC!" so i continue reading the comments on the page and then came across this comment.

"I have one of these affected cards I just bought and just found out about this issue. I communicated with MSI tech support and apparently there are no new revisions of these cards nor do they plan to have any, no matter what they said before."

So my question is, has msi really released a new card that is more limited in terms of oc? or did they just limit us via driver updates, because that's something else that i have been reading, mebay it was more the msi overclocking tool that was limited rather than drivers, from what i have read the msi overclocking tool if on a certain version can still oc the msi card like before? again i duno how much of this is true or not just trying to find out if you guy's know any thing.

The other issue i found out that card had was post problems, though they are few and far between and are more effected by which psu you have i have already read that the card can be flashed or is it you're mobo, to fix these post issues?

I am really confused about every thing i just mentioned above so i hope you guy's can help me come to a definitive solution/explanation for each problem mentioned above and make me feel a bit better about my purchase, because i really don't want to return the card when it arrives, because from the benchmarks i have seen that Linus done, it performs like a best! and i got it at a good price with borderlands 2 and that new assassins creed 3.

Thank's for taking the time to read.
- Anton.
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