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implosion222 November 16, 2012 01:37 PM

MSI Twin Frozer GTX 560 fans
I've got a couple of GTX 560's at work that are probably 2 to 2.5 years old now and the fans on the heatsinks are completely seized. I've been looking around to find a replacement for either the fan or the heatsink but no luck. Does anybody here would know of a place that sells those ?

sswilson November 16, 2012 02:41 PM

double check, but I think the warranty is at least 3 years on the twin frozrs. MSI's canadian RMA is fairly quick and painless.

Fudd Rucker November 16, 2012 03:14 PM

I can vouch for that. I had to RMA a gtx 470 twin frozr ii recently i purchased from someone else that was an RMA lol.

Adzsask November 16, 2012 04:02 PM

3 year warranty....after the 3rd RMA of my twin frozr GTX275 I just sold the replacement...I suggest you do the same those fan failures will haunt my dreams until i pass.

implosion222 November 17, 2012 08:52 AM

Easier said than done when I don't own them :P I'll have to double check with the people that built the computer. It was built in the U.S and shipped to Canada. I'll contact MSI on Monday and see if I might be able to get replacement fans for them. Out of 15 GTX 560 we have 4 with seized fans. A bad batch maybe..

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