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elmorejohn46 November 9, 2012 02:00 PM

I wish the GTX-660 TI would have come out sooner.
I wish the GTX-660 TI would have came out when the GTX-670 did ,I could have saved me over $200 .I could have almost went with a tri set-up with the 660ti's,looking at the reviews it not that much slower then the GTX-680 unless you are gameing at high resolutions but since I just game at 1920 x1080 they would have worked perfect plus you can get the 3 gig version for about $20 to $30 more.The kepler is one good chip .The GTX-670 is around 5 to 7 fps slower then a GTX 680 and the gtx-660 TI is around 4 to 10 fps slower most of the time just 2 to 4 fps slower and it just uses 150watts of power makeing it very efficent.Nvidia came out with a great chip with the Kepler .I think the GTX-660 Ti should sell very good.If people look at the reviews and just run at 1920 x 1080 then the 660 Ti is all you really need.I wish they would have a three game package like the HD-7950 and the HD-7970 does ,that would really make it sweet.To me that would be the only reason I would choose a HD-7950 or 7970 because of that game package.

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