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Smerpo October 16, 2012 02:55 PM

GTX 690 No Performance Increase
Hey guys I need some help. I just got my brand new EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 690. I saved up a lot of money to purchase this card and when I put it in and installed all the latest drivers I started to test it on some games and when I started to play the games I barely saw any better performance on the games FPS. So I tried overclocking it and I didn't see any difference. My old graphics card was the Sapphire Radeon 7950. So out of curiosity I turned off the SLI to see if I can see a difference and the FPS stayed the same. I don't know what the problem is, please let me know what your thoughts are.

My system specs:

1. Super Micro Mother Bd. (X9DR3-f)
3. Intel Xeon E5-2630, sandy bridge-EP, six core(2.3Ghz each core),( 2.8G turbo Boost) Processor (qty 2)
4. Super Micro, pre-charged, CPU cooler (qty 2)
5. Cool Master 1000Watt power supply
6. Corsair 32G(4x8G), DDR3, 1600MHz (qty 2 kits)
7. Seagate 1.5TB, 6G, SATA Hard Disk
8. EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 690
9. Windows 7 (64 bit)

bliz October 16, 2012 03:41 PM

CPU bottleneck? A lot of games are not quadThreaded and your 2.3 ghz cores may be the problem,right? i Don't believe turbo boost,what i mean is that games don't care about your 6 cores,and will use 2 max,generally.. check CPU usage while playing! I don't see another thing :( 690 is much better...I'm quite sure that It's the problem^^

Even a single 680 is better than 7950...

Smerpo October 16, 2012 03:45 PM

But I have 2 cpu's on one motherboard. Wow. So what do you suggest doing?

bliz October 16, 2012 03:53 PM

The programs probably use 1 CPU.. Man, download a widget of windows or something to check cores usage in game.. So that we make sure it's the problem

Soultribunal October 16, 2012 03:55 PM

What games specifically at what resolution?


dandelioneater October 16, 2012 03:55 PM

It does sound kind of like a cpu bottleneck. I tried using a quad opteron (octocore 6128's @ 2.38 Ghz) to run l4d2 and found that my framerate poor. I was running a 7970 and it would only run at around half load. This could be what you are experiencing. May need to convert that dual socket rig to folding and get a single socket board for games.

Smerpo October 16, 2012 04:07 PM

Is it possible to sell one processor and put in this in one of the cpu slots to run the gpu? Newegg.com - Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition Sandy Bridge-E 3.3GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 2011 130W Six-Core Desktop Processor BX80619i73960X

Generic User #2 October 16, 2012 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by Smerpo (Post 663063)
But I have 2 cpu's on one motherboard. Wow. So what do you suggest doing?

that means absolutely nothing.

otherwise, BD would be the performance king. lol. :D

bliz October 16, 2012 04:28 PM

Ok so we all think it's a CPU bottleneck, so yes, get a faster CPU, an I5 2500k or more would not be bottlenecked, try to get 3.3 ghz + per cores and at least a quad core, for that card, no need to ruin yourself in an I7,you can get a I5 3570k,would be just perfect :D But before, Check cores usage, before buying anything,so that we make sure it's the problem... It's very important.

Soultribunal October 16, 2012 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by Smerpo (Post 663084)

IIRC your board because it has dual Proc's needs to have Xeon processors only inside of it.

That would not work.


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