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Ov3rTheTop September 27, 2012 05:58 PM

Is my PSU good for GTX 550ti SLI??
Hey everyone!
So I have researched this a little and found some threads about this however I thought I should post my own in case something about my set-up might endanger this upgrade.

Basically I am upgrading my Motherboard to an AsRock 990FX Extreme 3 and putting an extra 8GB of RAM in totalling to 16GB. I am currently running a single GTX 550ti and the whole system is powered by a Corsair Builder Series 600w PSU. Now my question is, will my Corsair PSU be able to handle a second 550ti plus the new mobo plus the extra ram. I am just a little worried as this is my first upgrade on my first PC build

anyways, thanks heaps if you've read to here aaand any help would be highly appreciated ^D^


lelionmoddeur September 27, 2012 06:34 PM

here : GeForce GTX 550 Ti vs GeForce GTX 560 Ti Performance Comparison Benchmarks @ Hardware Compare ( i take this page because it shows power consumption,don't look the 560 ti)

as you can see,MAX 550ti load and power usage is 114,but in normal extreme heavy games you will use 100w

100w*2 = 200w + RAM = 10w ,hehe yes its extremely few for ram ;) so we are 210w

+ CPU ?????? if its a 4 core 3.3 ghz its 100w,i guess it's smaller so ,let's say 310w now for the bunch of fans you may have ,let's say 360w,will never be higher that 400w if your box is full of LEDs anyway so yes,VERY EASY for your PSU

don't forget i calculated for a quad core 3.3 ghz cpu,its its smaller,oh yea you won't use 50% of the PSU

i don't know for the motherboard,but i never heard that motherboards eat a lot of power ,and anyway,if it were an extreme motherboard at 600$,would never use more than 100w i can bet

i saw an article about your motherboard,says : consumes little power... (most common motherboards use 40-50w)

so ,nothing to worry about,you could prolly 4-way SLI your pc hahaha :thumb::haha:

Ov3rTheTop September 27, 2012 06:37 PM

thanks heaps, My cpu is an AMD fx-6100 six core but that only needs around 90 watts as you said.
again thanks heaps, it all goes into my bucket of knowledge ^D^

lelionmoddeur September 27, 2012 06:43 PM

no prob i just edited my post,your motherboard must be around 50w ,actually you don't even select motherboard in PSU calculators.. don't worry:thumb:

the 550ti is very low on power consumption,but,if you change graphics card ,careful,for example,the 580 can reach 250 watts! the thing that is varies the most for power consumption is the GPU,can be 5w to 300w

from the shittest chipset of intel to the biggest AMD Card

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