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genericllama September 5, 2012 02:46 PM

Considering an upgrade
well, my C2D machine keeps hauling through and hasn't died on me just yet. I'm thinking that i likely will not be going to do a rebuild for another year or two. Ive been keeping tabs of my 9800 gt (512mg) and how well it preforms and although its totally reasonable and maintaining (IMO mind you) im thinking maybe i should do a budget upgrade on it.:thumb:

Things I've been considering into my equation of thought are and include:

Budget between 50-100 (80 dollars would be optimal, however i would be willing to go over budget if there was a sweet deal only because i wouldn't be able to control myself)

potential (as in i really hope it would) to be used as a dedicated Physx card within a machine in two years (i tend to lean more towards nvidia cards for no real reason, im no fanboy however, i haven't had a bad one yet)

500 watt power supply (pc power and cooling silencer - sli ready but no intentions of sli as im rocking a p5q vanilla mobo - was more of a precaution to make sure everything's getting clean power.)

currently own a 1920X1080 screen (asus vh### or vw###)

so i guess my question is as simple as what do you folks think i should aim for? and is/would the upgrade make some sort of difference/impact significant enough to notice?

*edit* for the sake of anyone's curiosity, my rig currently runs these specs:

P5Q vanilla
E8400 wolfdale 3.0ghz (stock)
9800 gt EVGA
4 gig ddr2 muschkin redlines
Pc power and cooling silencer 500watt
7200 RPM Hardrive - etc

Bond007 September 5, 2012 03:04 PM

You would definitely see an improvement with a new graphics card. A gtx 460 can be had used in your price range and should be around double the performance of your 9800gt. A GTX 560 is even a bit faster, but would push your budget. Really that's all there is on the Nvidia side of things right now. If you want a new card in your budget you are either going to have to go to AMD (HD 7770 would fit the bill and can be had on sale for $89.99...that was the lowest price I have seen on one yet), or wait to see what NVidia's 650 is like when it gets released (rumour has them being released on the 12th...so only a week away).

genericllama September 5, 2012 04:14 PM

hmmm, that is some great advice Bond(double the performance? that's definitely an interesting thought ). I think what i may do is wait till the 12th(assuming rumors are right) and hope that leads too some potential choices in the BST forum.

However, assuming i were to jump the gun and make an impulse purchase. What is the likely-hood of say the gtx 460 (and/or 560) holding up in two years time as a dedicated physx card? (I like the idea of being able to take card out of the rig and recycling into my next rig to add something to it however an HD 7770 at 89.99$ is a pretty sweet deal). Obviously this is speculation mind you, and no one can really know how it may hold up in two years but it is an interesting thought and maybe in two years more games will support the feature aswell?

Bond007 September 5, 2012 05:17 PM

No worries. Forgot to mention a GTX 550Ti would also be a viable upgrade for you (though it is slower than a gtx 460). I would guess that any card you buy now you likely will not have a use for in a couple years if you upgrade. Not many people bother with dedicated physx cards anymore. Once you upgrade your graphics card you will notice that you are going to become CPU limited in many games...so overclocking the CPU would help out (I have an amd phenom II x3 710, which should be similar to your processor, and a gtx 460 and it runs great, but my CPU runs out of processing power more often than the graphics card). That said if you are happy with your current gaming performance, you would be fine. Here are a couple charts for your info....one of them has a 9800gt in it.



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