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Default Interesting Dedicated PhysX Card Results

Test Cards: 8800GT/8800GTS 640/8800GTX/9800GX2/295GTX/520GT

I'll be posting a link eventually to youtube for anyone who needs to physically see the screenshot's of these results but for now I'll just have to tell you about them...

I used a 295GTX and 550GTX as main cards and found that what everyone say's about the old G80 GPU's not computing physx well is correct. 8800GTS/GTX really are not worth mentioning as a solution for a dedicated, between the heat/power consumption and low fps they are total flops. Surprising as it may sound the 520GT 64bit card with only 48cuda core's held it's own against the 8800GT (1620mhz Shader) and didn't bottle neck the system for several hours of testing. But the 520GT Load % noticeably increased over time and I'm sure it would have eventually after the 4hrs of bench-marking. It's obvious the test results are mainly focused at the shader core with the duration of time or how long you play PhysX games being the decsiding factor of which card is going to be the best.
However I took these test's a step further and found the "Ultimate PhysX Card" in the process. The 9800GX2 didn't produce as good of results as the 8800GT or 520GT with only a single GPU and a stock shader core of 1500mhz. I ended up separating the internal cards to make it into a single GPU card and had to solder the fan connector to the main card. The computer recognized it as a single 8800GTS, but since I had this very nice heat sink on the card I ramped the shader upto 2000mhz. Neither the 295GTX or the 550GTX saw any loss in FPS with PhysX on or off. An to go even further I borrowed a friends 680GTX and still saw no loss in FPS with PhysX On or Off in any benchmark test's or gameplay. The best part to me is the 9800gx2 with OC Shader Clock never hit over 60 degrees Celsius with air cooling.
Conclusion: The Amount of CUDA Cores and Cooling determine how long your going to play, the Shader Clock is going to determine how well it's going to play and Bus Width and Memory over 512 has nothing to do with a Dedicated Physx Card.
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