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Lucasrivers June 30, 2012 06:19 PM

F@H with GTX 550 TI help!

I'm new to F@H and i could use some help. I'm running the V7 client and have the slot set for GPU. It says the status is running but the ETA is unknown and the progress bar doesn't move. Should i just wait for it to start? does it normaly take a while?

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


ilya June 30, 2012 06:28 PM

Change your view to Expert in the drop down menu and go into the Log tab to see if the client is running properly.

Lucasrivers June 30, 2012 06:35 PM

I'm not sure how to check, to me it looks like everything is running fine. below is a copy of the log file.

*********************** Log Started 2012-07-01T01:34:07Z ***********************
01:34:07:************************* Folding@home Client *************************
01:34:07: Website: Folding@home - HomePage
01:34:07: Copyright: (c) 2009-2012 Stanford University
01:34:07: Author: Joseph Coffland <joseph@cauldrondevelopment.com>
01:34:07: Args: --lifeline 4148 --command-port=36330
01:34:07: Config: C:/Users/Family/AppData/Roaming/FAHClient/config.xml
01:34:07:******************************** Build ********************************
01:34:07: Version: 7.1.52
01:34:07: Date: Mar 20 2012
01:34:07: Time: 19:37:42
01:34:07: SVN Rev: 3515
01:34:07: Branch: fah/trunk/client
01:34:07: Compiler: Intel(R) C++ MSVC 1500 mode 1200
01:34:07: Options: /TP /nologo /EHa /Qdiag-disable:4297,4103,1786,279 /Ox -arch:SSE
01:34:07: /QaxSSE2,SSE3,SSSE3,SSE4.1,SSE4.2 /Qopenmp /Qrestrict /MT
01:34:07: Platform: win32 XP
01:34:07: Bits: 32
01:34:07: Mode: Release
01:34:07:******************************* System ********************************
01:34:07: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz
01:34:07: CPU ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
01:34:07: CPUs: 4
01:34:07: Memory: 7.97GiB
01:34:07: Free Memory: 6.49GiB
01:34:07: Threads: WINDOWS_THREADS
01:34:07: On Battery: false
01:34:07: UTC offset: -4
01:34:07: PID: 3632
01:34:07: CWD: C:/Users/Family/AppData/Roaming/FAHClient
01:34:07: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
01:34:07: OS Arch: AMD64
01:34:07: GPUs: 1
01:34:07: GPU 0: FERMI:1 GF116 [GeForce GTX 550 Ti]
01:34:07: CUDA: 2.1
01:34:07: CUDA Driver: 4020
01:34:07:Win32 Service: false
01:34:07:***************************************** ******************************
01:34:07: <!-- FahCore Control -->
01:34:07: <core-priority v='low'/>
01:34:07: <!-- Network -->
01:34:07: <proxy v=':8080'/>
01:34:07: <!-- User Information -->
01:34:07: <passkey v='********************************'/>
01:34:07: <team v='219963'/>
01:34:07: <user v='insequential'/>
01:34:07: <!-- Folding Slots -->
01:34:07: <slot id='1' type='GPU'/>
01:34:07:Trying to access database...
01:34:07:Successfully acquired database lock
01:34:07:Enabled folding slot 01: READY gpu:0:"GF116 [GeForce GTX 550 Ti]"
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:Running FahCore: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FAHClient/FAHCoreWrapper.exe" C:/Users/Family/AppData/Roaming/FAHClient/cores/www.stanford.edu/~pande/Win32/AMD64/NVIDIA/Fermi/Core_15.fah/FahCore_15.exe -dir 01 -suffix 01 -version 701 -lifeline 3632 -checkpoint 15 -gpu 0
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:Started FahCore on PID 4312
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:Core PID:4384
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:FahCore 0x15 started
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Folding@Home GPU Core
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Version 2.22 (Thu Dec 8 17:08:05 PST 2011)
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Build host SimbiosNvdWin7
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Board Type NVIDIA/CUDA
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Core 15
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Window's signal control handler registered.
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Preparing to commence simulation
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:- Looking at optimizations...
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:- Files status OK
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:sizeof(CORE_PACKET_HDR) = 512 file=<>
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:- Expanded 124200 -> 501826 (decompressed 404.0 percent)
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Called DecompressByteArray: compressed_data_size=124200 data_size=501826, decompressed_data_size=501826 diff=0
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:- Digital signature verified
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Project: 7623 (Run 0, Clone 0, Gen 12)
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Assembly optimizations on if available.
01:34:07:WU01:FS01:0x15:Entering M.D.
01:34:09:WU01:FS01:0x15:Tpr hash 01/wudata_01.tpr: 2670316001 3886309140 1596998964 762025976 2939393889
01:34:09:WU01:FS01:0x15:GPU device info: vendor=0 device=0 name=<NA> match=0
01:34:09:WU01:FS01:0x15:Working on Protein
01:34:09:WU01:FS01:0x15:Client config unavailable.
01:34:09:WU01:FS01:0x15:Starting GUI Server
01:34:10:Server connection id=1 on from

Lucasrivers June 30, 2012 06:38 PM

It show this:

*********************** Log Started 2012-07-01T01:34:07Z ***********************
01:35:19:WARNING:WU01:FS01:Detected clock skew, adjusting time estimates

could this be a problem?

great_big_abyss June 30, 2012 08:55 PM

I'm no expert with Nvidia folding, but one of my folders uses a quadro (Nvidia) FX580. V7 client does not show any WU information (progress, TPF, reward, etc). However I know that it's still folding because I can see the numbers show up periodically on extremeoverclocking.com. Your card should still be folding, even if it is not indicated. Way To Fold

frontier204 July 1, 2012 08:32 PM

Your log looks fine. I've seen the clock skew warning when I did VMWare folding, and it returned results just fine. When I fold on my 550Ti what I check for to see if the F@H is working is the heat and the GPU usage, which should be higher than playing any game :haha:

Note also there's a few nVidia drivers that F@H doesn't like. I can't find the post, but with my experience anything between the driver first released for the 550Ti and the 285 series of drivers (non-inclusive) did not work, although they failed immediately. The 285 and 295 series of drivers worked for me.

Shredder July 2, 2012 06:36 AM

Hi Lucasrivers,

Further down the HWC's forum home page is a Folding section dedicated to all the folders.:thumb:


I found a post that may help you out.


Good luck and have fun

MARSTG July 3, 2012 05:35 PM

http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...lding-all.htmlhere is my thread I started on the same issue some time ago. i was so frustrated with it that I simply gave up on it. too bad : from the screenshots, sometimes it was an amazing folder. this list https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?...Bg&w=100&h=750 has no GTX550ti in it, some GTS450 but no 550s. You think is a coincidence? try messaging Arinoth, I got the card from him by then, maybe he remembers the right driver versions that were working fine

you might want to try either 266.71 or 267.59 set of drivers. These 2 seem to work well for the 550GTX. found it explained here GTX 550 Ti for folding

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