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elmorejohn46 June 20, 2012 03:02 AM

Did anyone else have trouble installing a GTX-670
With ny GTX-470's I had no prblems with games and benchmarks,but when I installed my two ASUS GTX-670 all it would do was frezze and flicker.I thought I had two bad cards ,I have nevr had a brand new card that was bad.I started to RMA then .My browers would even shut down.I new both cards could'nt be bad.I fineally broke down and did a clean install ,I had done tried resetting my CMOS but that did'nt help.But once I did a clean install and install everthing new ,they worked perfect.On 3D Vantage I scored P1635 and with my Three TRI-SLI GTX-470 overclocked to 800/1800 my score was P14305 and it sounded like a jet takeing off and with my two GTX-670 running them at 1200/6700 I could'nt hear them over my case fans.

BigPhatPaulie June 20, 2012 08:43 AM

I dont have experience with those cards but that doesn't sounds crazy to me. It's possible that being over 2 generations apart and vastly different the drivers just did not like the 670's

tray June 21, 2012 02:07 PM

I had no problem going from a ATI card to the GTX 670. Just installed new drivers and the way I went.

Maybe check under the heatsink and re-apply the thermal compound?

elmorejohn46 June 23, 2012 12:18 PM

Why would I need to check under the heat sink my tempertures sre fine ,it just kept saying it lost responsive with the driver .I have always just uninstall the video drivers and ran HD5870's for a while then sold them and went with three gtx-470's and everthing ran just fine ,but when I install the GTX-670's I got flickering ,freezes and lost video responsive .I tried each card seperate and still had problems ,but I have never had a bad video card.I knew both cards could'nt be bad.I started to RMA because I could put my GTX-470 back in and it ran fine .I cleaned out all drivers even in my regedit.Fineally I just did a clean install since I was putting in a new 256gig SSD drive and after that it said I had a invalid copy of windows .That made me mad because I knew a did'nt have a invalid copy and fineally it pop on my screen when I was doing updates that I my serial number had been solen and be used by someone else .but it let me download something and install something so I could prove my windows was valid.But after that I install all my drivers and my two GTX-670's work perfect.So nice to have a quiet system.Even turning the fans all the up I still can't hear them .ASUS did a good job with thier DirectCU II system.I have'nt even seen it 70c with these cards even when overclocking them to 1230/6500

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