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t0m May 7, 2012 01:03 AM

cuda and opencl
i need some help catching up here. i did a long stretch of non-graphics/computer related work and ignored my pc. now all my hardware and software are out of date and i am way out of touch. im building a new pc and geting back to graphics, but im stuck on which gpu to get. i cant afford a 'pro' workstation card, so im trying to pick between the gtx 680 and the 7970. the problem is that the 680 seems to suck at opencl and gpgpu benchmarks, and that the 7970 doesnt have cuda. support for opencl and cuda seems to be pretty ugly right now too. i was trying to catch up/read up on cs6 today and apparently premier uses cuda in windows and opencl in osx, and photoshop just switched from cuda to opencl, after effects, speed grade etc etc (it seems like a confusing mess). i do some 3d as well and i see a bunch of standalone renderers that are gpu based too (octane indigo) that seem to use both standards.

so basically, what is more important for me, cuda or opencl performance? which card would be the best choice for me if i was going to order this system tomorrow? is it possible for nvidia to fix the gpgpu performance of the 680 with fw or drivers? also, bonus question: if i have my old gtx8800 installed in a secondary slot, will it help in cuda apps (like adding a secondary card for physx in games) if i do end up getting an ati card with no cuda compatibility?

thanks for any help, advice, links, corrections or further recommendations. i am ready to pull the trigger on this order once i figure out what video is going in it so the anticipation is killing me :thumb:

MARSTG May 7, 2012 11:02 AM

why not take both in the system, some lower model cards (not the top ends), one Ati and one Nvidia that would fit in the same price for the GTX680 let's say and when you decide when you will need more processing power from one optimization, either CUDA or Open CL, sell the one you don't use and double the one that you will use.

Deviant May 7, 2012 11:36 AM

You don't need the fastest card (GTX680) for CUDA acceleration, a GTX560 Ti 448 (or a GTX570) for example will be quite sufficient. I personally would go for the 7970 for the raw computing performance which seems to be significantly greater than the GTX680. OpenCL seems like it'll be supported in a number of applications released in the future that are currently using CUDA. A GTX560 Ti/GTX570 as a secondary card for specific CUDA applications.

Here's a nice site btw for CUDA acceleration performance:

Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 Video Cards with CUDA Acceleration Mercury Playback Unlock Enable MPE Hack Mod Tip

You can see the GTX570 is barely slower than the GTX680.

Heck, even a GTX550Ti/GTX560 non-Ti is sufficient. Could've grabbed a vanilla GTX560 for $140 last week.

t0m May 7, 2012 03:31 PM

thanks for the advice guys :)

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