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TedShackley January 9, 2012 10:47 AM

got my 6950 2GB crossfire working, fan question
got my 2nd card today and re-installed 12.1 and 11.12 CAP, works fine so far completely maxed out in skyrim and BF3 with v-sync on, temps are crazy low

card 1 hit 50C
card 2 hit 56C

card1 ~56
card2 63

only complaint so far is the powercolor 6950 kind of loud at idle speed and I put in as the primary, I installed msi-ab and set a custom fan profile, my sapphire follows it, but I don't think the powercolor is slowing down to what I set

I set it to 12% then 5% and it stills blows a pile of air, so no way was it at %5, don't think it was at 12% either

auto goes no lower than 21% which is sort of loud in my nice and quiet rig, I wonder if the bios won't let it go lower ???

edit:wow and 7970 on newegg $565-600 all out of stock except 1

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