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Old January 5, 2012, 12:23 PM
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I still have a gtx280 and it still plays most games fine in dx9/10, apart from dx11/power draw the 6850 isn't that much better than the gtx280 in raw fps performance all things being equal, some games ie NFS Hot Pursuit play much smoother on the gtx 280 compared to the 6850 I've got.

I' m going to swap back to the gtx 280 soon to see how crysis 2 does because the 6850 can't handel crysis 2 dx 11 anyway.

If I had 2 gtx280s I'd be happy with them but I only have 1 so in the end I might have to buy another 6850 to try xfire, since my mobo is an older amd 790 chip.
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Old January 5, 2012, 02:11 PM
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In terms of power used and heat generated they are old and obselete. However like everyone else has stated if they are doing what you want, then why change them up? I still run a 9800GX2 Which was out before the 28X series I think and it still does what I want it to do in that rig. But it is very inefficent at it, sucks a ton of power, and could probably be accomplished with a lesser , newer card.

End of the day, if it does what you want than thats good enough. When it can no longer do that then yes, I would call it obsolete.


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All depends on the way you look at it, from a sheer performance level, they are "techically" obsolete, the newer cards are faster, more efficent, are capable of getting more work done, and produce less heat.

I think it really depends on the user, 2 285 are very fast indeed, but 2 460 or 560ti or better are just that much faster, cost wise for the boost in performance the 460 1gb or 560 448 core seem to be the best in this regard, dual 6850 would be close and who knows how well the 7800 series will do in price/performance.

DX11 has alot of cool features, unfortuantely, the only current game to truly take advantage of a good chunk of it is BF3, and even then it is barely using the best of what DX11 brings.

So obsolete on a technical side, almost there in a performance side, all really just depends on what you are doing with them, what games, what apps and such :)
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