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TedShackley December 30, 2011 01:52 AM

6950 CF - 3 questions
waiting on my 2nd 6950, worst time of year to order things online, I have 1 non-ref single fan (non-blower) sapphire and 2nd is a dual fan powercolor with a lot less copper on the heatsink

I'll test both ways to see which gets better temps, and noise level, I would rather have my 8month old card be the secondary card just to give it a rest, although the powercolor is Ncix used/or openbox so I'm just assuming it never had much use.

Should I use 1 or 2 CF bridges?

So I install latest drivers, then the caps thing...is that it??

I'll be playing skyrim, BF3, BC2, deus ex, crysisWH, GTA4, F1 2011, dirt3, mafia2. I know a lot of people have driver trouble with skyrim and BF3, what about the others???

Supergrover December 30, 2011 03:34 AM

Yes 1 bridge.

Grab the 12.1 preview since it is suppost to be optimized for skyrim/bf3. Go into CCC and enable Xfire. enjoy. But i would use AB and create a custom fan profile since the cards are going to run hotter.

bigFOIG December 30, 2011 04:06 AM

A lot hotter..... Or at least in my experience. :(

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