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Cadence December 26, 2011 11:55 AM

Nvidia 550Ti SLI VS 560 Fermi SLI
Which is better? Googled, got nothing.

I'm asking cause I picked up 2 560's today from NCIX in-store sale and I saw the 550Ti's for almost half the price on their "online boxing week" sale.

Yes, this is my "temporary video solution" as my XFX 5870 is down for the count.


Feanor December 26, 2011 06:11 PM

The gtx 560 (336 cores) wil blow the 550's (192 cores) out of the water big time. In single or sli configuration.

Dzzope December 26, 2011 07:39 PM


make your own mind up as to which you really want (price or performance)

I'm guessing that you picked up 2 560's over a single 560 Ti, that the 2 550 Ti's won't be enough as they are only slightly more than half the speed of a single 560 Ti.

Cadence December 26, 2011 08:12 PM

Ya the 560's I picked up today aren't the Ti editions that's why I was wondering since I've read a lot of "Ti or bust" comments

Dzzope December 26, 2011 08:30 PM

2 560's will beat a single 560 Ti pretty easily.. 2 550 Ti's would be close to a single 560 Ti. (probably a little better but not by much)

The question you have of 560 vs 550 Ti is simply one of cost to performance.

If a single 560 Ti is enough for you then the 2 550 Ti's will be enough. If a single 560 Ti is a bit under where you want to be then the 560's are the right choice.

With all this said, and if a single 560 Ti's performance was what you were aiming at, why not just buy a 560 Ti?
You must have gotten some bargain if 2 550 Ti's were cheaper or the 560's were better performance per dollar.

Cadence December 26, 2011 09:12 PM

Well, I just saw the deal @ NCIX for the in-store special for their EVGA 560 (non-Ti) and said what the hell, XFX is taking forever to reply to my "Support Ticket".
Ok, so the 550Ti's maybe weren't HALF the price of the 560's but close? @ NCIX the deal was $149.99 for an EVGA 560 (non-Ti), their EVGA 550Ti's were going for $99.99.
Decided to cave-in to Boxing Day shopping and picked up two EVGA 560's. I was just wondering if I would've gotten better performance per dollar if I SLI'd the 550Ti's VS the 560 (non-Ti)


Dragonstongue December 27, 2011 12:14 AM

2 550Ti vs 2 560 non ti, well, going by the gen numbers alone, you are still better off :P

A couple numebrs that matter the 550Ti use a 192 bit bus vs a 256 bit bus, so less memory bandwidth, they also use 192 shaders-32/24 TMU/ROPS vs 336/56/32 so right there, single card and especially dual card you are way better off with dual 560 vs dual 550Ti.

To get into Theoretical performance of dual card numbers memorybandwidth-FLOPS-Pixel fill rate-texture fill rate this I got from gpureview
196.8GB/sec-691.2GfFlops-43200Mpixel/sec-57600MTexel/sec for the dual card 550TI
256.6GB/sec-1088.64GFlops-51840Mpixel/sec-90720MTexel/sec for the dual card 560 non ti

The above is with reference clocks in mind, so in a very simplified sence, the 560 will SLI better as they have a wider bus, and every other spec is higher as well, I know dual cards love Vram and bus width it helps to avoid bottlenecks, I would say the difference is probably at minimum 20% overall between both in a dual card setup, this number also depends on game being played, resolution, settings etc, but the 560 are quite a bit more powerfull then the 550, hence why they charge more for them :P

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