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KSiG July 18, 2011 01:26 AM

is there any way i can small amount a graphical power to my sisters netbook? She just wants to play minecraft and League of legends.

Keltron 3030 July 18, 2011 03:44 AM

what kind of netbook is it? most netbooks use an integrated gpu from the chipset, so unless the game is not graphically intensive or you don't mind playing with crap settings, it might be doable, however that all depends on the integrated gpu onboard

supaflyx3 July 18, 2011 04:06 AM

you won't be able to play minecraft on a netbook, trust me i've tried.

Kilauea July 18, 2011 06:30 AM

I've got an AMD E-350, which I consider to be a netbook processor on steroids (in a 11.6in laptop). It plays SC2 with all details at minimum, its really the minimum acceptable.

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