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DaBruuzer February 3, 2008 09:25 PM

Re-Seat Cooler on 8800GTA (G92)?
Since I like the dual-slot cooling setup of my G92 GTS, and the fan is decently quiet, I don't want to change to an aftermarket cooling solution. I like the air to exit outside of my case, not inside. But I am not thrilled with the temps I am seeing on the card under load. They are below the "holy crap" range by far, but I think they could still be better.

I have thoroughly read every review on the GTS I could find (including the one here), and there are several that mention the poor quality of the heatsink and the way it contacts the GPU. And I don't want to lap the heatsink (since I am NOT inclined for that sort of job at all, tbh).

So my question is whether or not I would see any worthwhile improvement in the stock cooler's performance if I removed it and added some AS5 or AC MX thermal compound? Or will that just not be worth the effort (17 screws to remove if I remember correctly LOL)? Opinions?

EDIT: Sorry about the error in the subject ('GTA' should be 'GTS'), but I can't seem to edit the subject.

Prof. Dr. Silver February 3, 2008 11:09 PM

I just did that on my new P35, which a really a motherboard, but for comparison....here are the numbers....I took off the old paste/pads and put MX-2 instead.

NB 'Old' = 54C
NB 'New' = 50C

After adding a crappy 40mm fan to it , it went all the way down to 33C! It makes a difference! Wether you use stock cooling or not! It is just one of those tricks that could help you squeeze the last few MHz out of your product! GOOD LUCK!

DaBruuzer February 4, 2008 07:19 AM

Oh, I know how much difference a good thermal compound can make compared to the stock crap. I am just wondering in this case if it will help, seeing as the cooler is designed to use NO compound at all, apparently.

10e February 6, 2008 11:19 AM

I would suggest it
On both my 3870s and my 8800GTS I have done this with MX-2 and saw about a 5 to 7 celsius decline in temperatures from the old junk.

Just ensure (by mock reseating the cooler a couple of times prior to screwing it in) that the thermal compound is properly spread by the re-seating and doesn't show any empty spaces on the GPU



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