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Old March 23, 2011, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by DenisS View Post
i have msi gtx 570 OC, rock solid. havent played just cause 2 though
Same here ... no issues even with JC2.
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Old March 23, 2011, 09:41 PM
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My System Specs


Yeah, I'm just curious since both of my cards don't like JC 2 and pop up some errors in OCCT, even when I set my system to stock.
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Old March 23, 2011, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
My MSI OC has a full cover EK waterblock. Run at 880mhz/1.05v all day long. Had the odd crash at 910.
since ur under water try upping the voltage a little more, im confidant at higher voltage 910 and even higher wont be an issue, and u can deal with a little extra heat!
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Old March 24, 2011, 02:56 AM
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since ur under water try upping the voltage a little more, im confidant at higher voltage 910 and even higher wont be an issue, and u can deal with a little extra heat!
Careful with that...

Several users fried VRMs by upping the voltage on these cards and it had nothing to do with cooling...
OK a few people bypassed the OCP which is a very bad idea in this case....but there's also failures reported from upping volts...even on "water-cooled", running cool cards....

Have you killed a 570? - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

don't mean to start a flame war...

There is a bit of everything in that topic from OVERCLOCK.net, but not everybody removed the OCP protection...there is several blown cards in that topic...

don't get me wrong, I had two 570's in my "shopping cart" last night...I just don't like the fact that there is so many cards going "belly up"...

The ASUS Direct Cu II GTX570 have more power phases, so it seems build sturdier, but it's a 3 slot config, which makes SLI really hard, if not impossible on most mobos...
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Old April 19, 2011, 02:59 PM
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My System Specs

Default Msi 570 OC

I bought the OC version as well and recieved JustCause2 and Mafia II. As first I had a couple crashes playing JustCause and BFBC2 but it was mostly when it got hectic. I went to the MSI forums and a couple of their mods sorted me out and were able to link me to a page about flashing to a newer bios. Worked great, now it runs smooth at OC settings, does get a bit hot(Ive seen up to 87 celcius but Nvivia says it can go to "Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 97 C") but even then that is full GPU load with BadCompany with like 32AA and 16xAF(online too not just single player) which is more than you need to have a great looking experiance :P
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