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sankukai February 19, 2011 09:56 PM

Radeon HD 6870 HELP
Hello guys....

It's sankukai again. I'm sure some of you will remember me from the MB and the RAM forums after I decided to tinker with my shitty motherboard's BIOS and some new RAM I bought. Well...now it seems my videocard had trouble, or so it would seem.

After my running memtest and entering safe mode to see if my memory and OS were OK, I thought that the worst was over and my PC would be back to "normal". Now, whenever I bring up the ATI CCC the screen flickers a lot as if the card is having problems of some sort. It also happens when I am just browsing or using some other program. I thought it might have been my old monitor since I recently upgraded my 14" monitor to a 32" HD LCD LG TV and I still get this problem. I also installed the latest set of drivers and I'm wondering if that is causing the flickering. This did not happen before and I am kind of fearful that my previous overvoltage experiment messed up my videocard as well. Could it be a faulty DVI-to-VGA adapter that I am using to hook my PC to the LCD TV? could it be a faulty cable? Does any one have an idea why this might be happening now?

What programs would you guys recommend to test the health of my Radeon HD 6870?

I need help....once again:doh:

_dangtx_ February 19, 2011 10:08 PM

get yourself a copy of linux mint or something and see if the problem arises.
if so, either you got to reseat card, check power connections, swap pci-e slot
or rma the card? as long as its getting constant clean voltage from the psu and everything else
is fine...its probably drivers, go back to the older set.

sankukai February 19, 2011 11:38 PM

thanks dude but I do not use linux so I would not know how to use this app you're talking about. is there another program I could use to test the health of my GFX card? Do you know if this flickering issue is related to the radeon 6870 only?

Any more help from you guys would be appreciated

_dangtx_ February 19, 2011 11:48 PM

yes, furmark.

if it doesnt crash it should be ok.

linux is like windows, but a bit less fussy :p

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