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r0k0 January 9, 2011 05:39 PM

XFX HD 4890 vs GTX 260 Core216
how would 2 4890 1GB in Crossfire compare against GTX 260 in SLi or 1 GTX 470 ?


_dangtx_ January 9, 2011 06:26 PM

did you buy either or youre about to? if about to, dont. unless the 470 is like dirt cheap.

and to answer your question, if you have all of the above, id keep the 470 since it does decent at higher resolutions vs the others.

r0k0 January 9, 2011 09:42 PM

no just my mobo is crossfire only and someone has 2 4890 for 260 or 1 gtx 470 for 240

_dangtx_ January 9, 2011 09:53 PM

neither is a good deal

and crossfire mobos can do sli too with a bit of help :) success rate purdy gut it seems like ;)

nameless? January 9, 2011 10:01 PM

Neither of those are a good deal, I picked up a new 470 for $200 on Black Friday and that was before the 69xx came out, so I wouldn't pay any more than like 175-200 for the 470.

rjbarker January 10, 2011 12:19 AM

I love these Threads....."what I would do....would do"......

r0k0 January 10, 2011 09:42 AM

saw a 1month old Gigabyte 6870 for 200$ ? is that good and that would kick my GTX 260 ass right ?

Arinoth January 10, 2011 09:49 AM

Yes the 6870 would kick the 260's ass. Personally i have gone from 1 260, to sli 260 to 5870 to 470 to sli 470 to crossfire 6870 and i've seen improvement in performance slightly each time (provided the last two set ups were actually for multi-monitor gaming). You should still see a good increase in performance from the 260 to 6870, not to mention access to DX11 and tessellation.

Soultribunal January 10, 2011 10:07 AM

I'd opt for the newer Tech vs the older tech.

Honestly I can't see a problem with grabbing a 6870 and calling it a day.

Although the 4890's and 260's were good cards in their time. Its best to keep on the curve if you can.


Ravenor January 11, 2011 10:28 AM

I just picked up a 6870 and move from a GTX 260 Core 216 and there is a definite difference. Playing @ 1920x1200 you can crank all option to max and have AT LEAST 4xAA and 4xAS minimum. I'm playing Bad Company 2 with 8xAA and 8xAS and I only see a drop in framerates when there are a lot of explosions. other then that it's very butter smooth.

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