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Originally Posted by CroSsFiRe2009 View Post
About the warranty debate. I'm of the opinion that Asus warranty is better for Canadians since the RMA center is located in Ontario and makes for cheaper and faster shipping. The only reason that I would get XFX is if I plan on reselling it since it holds its resale value better
Wow I actually had no idea ASUS had an office in Canada. I was actually considering MSI for that reason haha.

I'm actually now trying to decide between the MSI 470 and ASUS 6870.
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Well, since you've gotten pretty 1 sided responses so far, just wanted to give you another perspective before you made up your mind, so you understand the "whole" picture.

I understand the "extra" hot air argument, but in reality, the real difference is 1 - 3 degrees at most when MAX overclocked.

With a good case and air flow, it is hardly an issue.

I recently upgraded to the MSI Twin Frozr II 470, from a GTX460 1GB MSI Cyclone, I chose it over the 465 GE for way too many reasons to list, mainly because the chips being used were rejected for the 470's, and thus turned into 465's with the option to unlock, as well as their heat and noise issues some users experienced ( fans rattling, etc )

Noise and heat factors were crucial in my decision, and the highest I have seen my 470 go so far is 72 Degrees, and that is with an Overclock of 850 / 1700 / 2100 with 1.087V ( I'm sure I can go higher, but I'm no overclocking pro, and I only got this card 2 days ago, so I haven't had much time to play with it. )

You should also really look at the benchmarks of an Overclocked 470 vs an Overclocked 6870, since the 470 has been shown to outperform a 5870 when overclocked.

For more benchmarks, see these reviews, and of course find your own and do your research.
Comprehensive GPU Showdown: Fermi Vs. Cypress - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net


If you look at the benchmarks on this review, you can see how the GTX 460's in SLI did against 6870's in CF, so just imagine what 470's can do, along with their high overclocking room.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of the temps and some performance ideas of the 470 at stock, and overclocked, and what the "Extra" hot air inside your case really means, with proper airflow, it's not even an issue. As far as noise, THIS particular 470 sounds exactly the same as my 460, meaning, it's pretty silent.

470 at stock

1st Overclock Temps

2nd Overclock - I'm sure it can be pushed further.

So look at the System temps, a whooping 2 degrees hotter when overclocked, and after running MSI Kombustor a few times.

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