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BrianHanna November 14, 2010 02:18 PM

failed to load detection drivers
i'm getting this error with my graphics card (while in safe mode).

I am crashing just before or on the log in screen, and receiving the BSOD message (ill update this in a sec, once i can open the dmp file, but it specifically referred to a video adapter issue ).


I tried driver sweeper to clean my drivers.

still got the messages.

I then when to device manager and had windows uninstall the drivers and then reinstall it.

still got the message and blue screen.

So now i have taken out one graphics card, and i was just able to install 10.10c without any errors, and i am about to reboot.

Does anyone else have anymore suggestions about this? help would be greatly appreciated.

(build specifications in build, just moved to i7 yesterday, but i was able to play games with no issue, much more demanding than logging in..)

BrianHanna November 14, 2010 03:46 PM

was able to finally install the latest drivers with one card installed, then added the second after.

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