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dinmaster October 29, 2010 06:42 AM

dual 5870 toxic cards, back to back overheating.
sort of been having trouble with the cards ever since i got them and just recently they have worked just fine other then the overheating if left alone (talk about it in a sec). so 5870 toxic cards are vaporx just with 2gb of vram each. big fan in the middle front. i got 2 of them side by side on a asus p6t. the first card cant get any air to cool itself because the second card is right there. i sort of went around that with putting a slim piece of wood in between the 2 cards giving the card some air to suck in. seems to work. crossfirex with the cards is a bit glitchy, i find when playing a game at random will freeze and i have to reboot. i think its does that when the "display driver has stopped responding" well sometimes when it freezes and goes black then back into windows with that error message, the freeze and boot is when it cant recover from that im guessing. not sure what that is about, maybe some of you have had that problem and have a fix or it could be heat or something. The big question here is i got the 2 cards i n the x16 slots, was wondering if it would make a difference if i took the second card and put it in the 3rd slot running at x4. obviously running in crossfirex. temp im sure it would be great but performance.

by the way the big problems with stability since i got the cards and stopped recently was that the back slots on the case were touching the dvi and dp connectors, i couldn't get the dvi plugs in all the way. well couldn't screw them in. i resat them and it fixed that up. more stable now.

_dangtx_ October 29, 2010 07:02 AM

at 4x you will see a bit of a drop, yeah. also, why dont you bracket a few fans to force air in there?

dinmaster October 30, 2010 08:34 PM

i ran a stress test, crossfire. the top card was running at 91c and the second card was at 68c. the cards should work standing beside each other. i have not thought about a fan bracket, all i see is a zalman bracket but im sure there are more out there. the stress test went well, do freezing or anything. but when i play wow in eyefinity sometimes at random the game freezes and i got to restart. maybe its just the graphic settings i have in the game doing it... thanks for the idea.

rjbarker October 30, 2010 08:46 PM

^^^ Wow..thats quite a Delta for 2 GPU's working together....23c ....brutal....gotta hav something to do with your Drivers...even if I place my 480's in an adjacent config the top Card still only runs about 6c warmer than the one below it...try a Driver Clean install...

Its obvious your "hot" Card is working and the other aint.....thier certainly not sharing the load properly.

martin_metal_88 October 30, 2010 09:05 PM

Rj's is right. Card shouldn't have a delta that big. Maybe try swapping the card from a slot to another and see what it does. Also for the driver issue, I didn't trally saw anything like that over time ( AMD or Nvidia ). Most of the time when driver fail it's due to a OS or to a hardware problem. Maybe test the card in single position and also test both the PCI-e slot.

_dangtx_ October 31, 2010 07:18 AM

you dont need to buy a fancy bracket, just get creative. 2 120's should be ok for the time being.

dinmaster November 2, 2010 03:34 PM

i know the cards should be running about the same temp but the cards are sitting next to each other, the cap is like 1-2mm. and if you have seen a vaporx card, big cooler with a fan in front and a full back of the card cover. which leaves no room for the first card to breath. hence the piece of wood to pull the 2 cards apart and open up that 1-2mm to something like 8-10mm. the fan can't get any air because the second card is right there. the second card is getting all the air it wants, nothing after that on the motherboard. through the stress test, fur. i had it on crossfire and both of them were going full blast. it showed how much the cards were heating up with the piece of wood in between the cards. google the cards, 5870 toxic. youll know what im talking about. the cards are monsters.

the freezing problem sucks, it happens every now and then, more when im running crossfire, i ran the stress test fine. play some wow and it happens sometimes, more with the 2 cards. maybe clean the drivers and reinstall 10.10

thanks for the help guys :thumb:

BrianHanna November 2, 2010 03:45 PM

i don't think putting a piece of wood in between them is safe.

i'd imagine after a while it would dry up and pose a fire risk.

Delavan November 2, 2010 04:27 PM

I would try to remove the side panel, and use a "household" fan to blow air on the cards, to see if it changes anything...if it does, maybe that a better computer case like the HAF (with a big side panel fan) would be the solution?

What do you have for a case?

dinmaster November 4, 2010 04:30 AM

i have a corsair 800d as a case. the air is coming from the bottom of the case and going out through the top and rear. it works very well at cooling. i still got to try a fan on the top of the cards to see if it helps.

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