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Magnetic September 9, 2010 06:28 PM

Graphic Anomaly
Has anyone seen this problem before? A black horizontal band with multiple small vertical white lines inside. A reboot makes it go away for awhile until it randomly reappears.

Dying graphic card?
Aero bug?
Unstable oc?

_dangtx_ September 9, 2010 07:07 PM

try updating drivers,reseating card. im thinking probably a driver thing. if it doesnt do it, ram's going,perhaps, on the gpu.

ps yes, unstable oc can do it too. do all that at stock everything, and keep an eye on temps and voltages(try everest)

LarkStarr September 9, 2010 08:03 PM

I'd just underclock the core/shaders a tad and see if that helps.

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