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Old August 23, 2010, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
what power supply do you have in there? 8800gt doesn't requite much at full (gaming) load but still a no name 300 watter wont do :)

get another 1gb stick or source a cheap arse 2x2 667 or 800 mhz. you wont oc anyway. e2160 not oc'ed will be a bit of a pain..but youll manage. what asrock board is that? you might want to consider an fsb mod if it indeed dont oc fer crop!
haha, I actually do think I have a 300/350 W no name PSU. I also have my old OCZ GameXStream 700 lying around so that's not a problem.
You think the system will be too unbalanced if I don't upgrade the RAM? I really don't want to spend any more money on any upgrades...
So general consensus is an 9/8800 I take it.
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yes. you cant go half arsed way lol
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Originally Posted by technix View Post
I'm pretty sure the 9800GT series has both 55nm and 65nm cards. I'm wondering how would one tell. There's 512mb and 1gb cards, too, so does that matter at all?

What if the monitor being used has a res of 1680 x 1050? Does going to a 1gb card give a better chance of it being a 55nm card and significant boost at performance or just moderate compared to a 512mb version?
Early 9800GTs were 65nm, but anything you'd find at an online retailer these days should be 55nm without exception. Having 1GB of RAM on a 9800GT won't provide any performance increases.
Originally Posted by technix View Post
I also read if you take off the heatsink and thermal compound, you can locate the serial number that indicates which one? I wouldn't go to that much trouble though!
The 55nm GPU revision is called G92b, so you could probably tell from the die markings.
Originally Posted by technix View Post
I was also wondering about folding. I know this is veering off topic but a 9800GT is fine for folding, right? Whereas, a comparable ATI card or even a newer Evergreen card isn't so much?

I even read that I could use a Nvidia card in Linux for folding but not an ATI card?!? Although, I could perhaps use VirtualBox and I could fold in a virtual Windows OS?!? Anyone know??? lol
You can't fold on ATI cards from within Linux, using VMs or otherwise.
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