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Old November 23, 2007, 03:43 PM
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Exclamation 8QAA, 16QAA Why won't it work!!??

I was reading "TweakGuides" Nvidias Forceware Tweak Guide, And I came across something very interesting. The guide states the 8800 series GPU has a feature called "Coverage sampling AA".
TweakGuides.com - Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guide

Here is the part that I need some clarification on. This is taken from the guide itself.

"Antialiasing - Mode: This setting determines how Antialiasing (as described in the setting further below) is applied. If Application Controlled is selected each game can use its own independent Antialiasing sample rate as set using the in-game settings. If you want the absolute fastest performance, you can force Antialiasing Off for all games regardless of their in-game settings. If you have a GeForce 8X00 or newer graphics card, you can select whether to 'Enhance the Application Setting', namely to first set a level of AA in a game using the in-game settings, then to select this option and set a higher level of Coverage Sampling Antialiasing to add to that AA already used in the game. Finally, you can simply force a specific sample rate of Antialiasing as specificed in the 'Antialiasing - Setting' option below regardless of the game's in-game settings. I recommend 'Application Controlled' for most people, unless you want to apply AA to a game which has no in-game AA settings. In which case you can either force a specific sample rate preferably done through a game profile (see below), or if you have an 8X00 or newer series graphics card, you can increase an existing game's Antialiasing to even higher levels using the 'Enhance the Application Setting' option."

Now according to that paragraph, All you need to do to enable this CSAA is set the In Game AA to 2 or 4. Then in the Nvidia CP you set the AA mode to "Enhance the Application Setting". Then select either 8QAA or 16QAA to get this new CSAA. But I have not been able to get it work in a game, If it is enabled, I can't see the difference between the regular in game 4XAA and 8QAA, Even when setting it to 16QAA I don't get a FPS drop or anything.
I am been trying to get this feature to work in several games:F.E.A.R.,GRAW2, Crysis, MOH Airborne, Half Life Ep 2 as well as COD4. So what Am I doing wrong
When you go to the Link that I posted, And click on the Link:

GeForce 8800 GTS & GTX review

You get a 'Gur3D' Benchmark test with several different AA modes enabled with 16XAF. In the Game "Far Cry", When looking at 1024*768 Res,You will see that using the 8800 GTS you will lose FPS going from In Game Regular 4XAA to 16QAA. But losing 39 FPS when your already getting 140 Frames Per Sec is nothing. In return for the FPS drop your getting a huge IQ increase Even at 1920*1200 res, The GTS only loses 22 Frames Per Sec!! And at the almighty 2560*1600 Res, You lose 12 FPS Going from 4XAA to 16XAA!!
So after reading that, I must find a way to get this CSAA working in games. Does anybody have a clue as to what I am doing wrong when trying o enable 8QAA or 16QAA in Games??
I don't understand what I could do different. So please, Does anybody have experience enabling this CSAA? If so, Please share. Thanx
System spec: Intel i7 2600k, Gigabyte GTX 570 Super Overclock, Kingston DDR3 2X4 GB sticks, ASUS P8P67 PRO, Cooler Master 700 watt PSU, 750GB*2 Sata,SATA III 1TB HDD Acer 24 Widescreen, Antec 300, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
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Old November 26, 2007, 09:42 AM
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I'm not sure if I fully understand the problem? Your trying to use the ingame AA and then supliment with the cp AA as an additional image quality enhancment?

This is going to sound obvious but have you tried simply forcing the desired level in the cp for the game? Would this not give you the AA level you desire in game? Or is there some additional image quality gained from setting in game AA to 4 and then adding the cp AA ontop of it? I would be hard pressed to notice a difference visually from 16AA opposed to 4xAA + 16AA.
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