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Old June 21, 2010, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by C130AVN View Post
Warhead's framerates are cosiderably better, and the user interface with the nano-suit is more user friendly, you auto pickup weapons, little tweaks like that. I have both games and I much prefer Warhead. Tom Clancy's HAWX is a blast too.
Urgh much prefered the first one to Warhead, im not saying warhead is bad or anything, but it felt like only a partially completed game in terms of length and story. When its patched up 1 looks just as good and performs just as well as warhead too :)

Anyway back to topic, Pine the only other thing i can suggest since you dont want to modify the bios, is trying a clean install of windows to see if you have the same problem. Perhaps there was a problem with a driver installation that is inadvertently effecting fan control (although highly unlikely). Its alot of effort to and most likely wont resolve your problem so i wouldn't recommend trying it, just thought i should mention that theres always that option. Btw, you've tried booting in safe mode already right? That should give you decent indication as to whether its a driver related issue rather than a reinstall of windows :)
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Old June 21, 2010, 12:58 PM
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That's a wonderful idea. I'll try it in safe mode.
However, I'm 95% sure it's not the drivers, since I've uninstalled them and then used driver sweeper in safe mode and then reinstalled them.
But hey, worth a shot.
Reinstalling windows is easy, it's just my music that's a pain to get back into iTunes correctly, so I probably won't be reinstalling for this. I'll probably reinstall in about 2 weeks, that's my bimonthly reinstall day. Guess my OC will have to wait till then, and Crysis at a couple frames lower is just as beautiful.
So, still open to suggestions, and I'll be back after trying in safe mode.
Thanks guys!
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