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Old April 30, 2010, 12:19 PM
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im currently using my 5770 with a 9800gx2 as my physx card. the nvidia driver im using is 196.21 and ati 10.4.
it took me some time to finally get it to work but go through these 2 links and im sure you'll find it.
Modded GeForce drivers: unlocked PhysX for Radeon ? | PhysXInfo.com - PhysX News
Nvidia disables PhysX when ATI card is present - Page 141
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Old May 2, 2010, 12:44 PM
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I've managed to get the moded drivers to work with my 5850 and 8800GT; however, I've had a terrible time with eue's while folding with the 8800. Not sure if it's a driver problem or just a batch of tempermental wu's, but given the amount of work it took to get both cards running I don't think I would do it again.

According to this thread on NGOHQ nvidia drivers 185 and below will have physx still enabled with ati cards in the system.
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Old May 9, 2010, 06:28 PM
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My System Specs


I don't understand Nvidia's position...
Basically the competition between ATI and Nvidia is over better graphical performance. Whoever has the best at a certain time will get more buys. With the monopoly over PhysX by Nvidia, it's trying to force people to buy their cards for the PhysX. IF they supported their cards as a PhysX card with even ATI cards, then people would buy them regardless of whether they got an Nvidia or ATI card, which equals to more sales.
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Old May 9, 2010, 06:49 PM
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It's simply not the case that PPUs are as strong as GPUs.

EDIT: See below post for URL.

There you can see that an Aegia PPU actually slows down even an 8800 in most cases. And if you look closely at the ATI section, yeah, it allows you to use Physx, but if you turn it on the PPU becomes the system's bottleneck, and there's no difference in performance between a 4850 and 4870, if you're using the PPU.
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Old May 9, 2010, 06:49 PM
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PhysX Performance Update: GPU vs. PPU vs. CPU

Wouldn't let me post a link since it was my first post. But there's my proofs.
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